hello neglected blog

i have had big plans. i have wanted to write manifestos on teaching. on doing too much. on doing to little. on the gorgeousness of peony season. 

on the sutro baths and the beauty that is amazingly so close to where i live. 

on the pure joy of seeing ducklings meandering across our paths. 

on what it means to be the parent of an almost FIRST GRADER [blink of an eye i tell you. blink of an eye]. and the parent of a child who seems to looooovvvveee flying through the air. [so fearless. so bold. i love the look of determination on her face when the teacher gives her notes. and the pride. the pride of job well done]. 

on the importance of keeping up with a sketchbook. of just looking at something. of slowing down enough to move a pencil across a page. of finding that line. the right one. and letting it appear. 

on the chroma installation and work for that show [coming up so very soon]. on doing crazy 15' wall installations just for the heck of it and on artists talks where someone asks if artist statements are still relevant and you emphatically say YES they are. just because you don't like something doesn't mean you get a pass. [this seems to be a reoccurring thing w/ the little as well]. and where someone else talks about marketability and a little part of you just cringes and wants to re-assert the idea that it can be done authentically, but you instead just keep your mouth shut. simultaneously wondering if that last newsletter you sent out was ok. 

on summer. on summer. on summer. on how there might just finally be a moment to breathe. classes are done. grades are in. crazy 3 day online class filming is in the bag. it is time to do the work that feels the most like the "real work" [no offense to teaching. which is incredibly REAL and demanding, but...]. to be in my studio. or in this case, this summer to also print at kala.

i don't think people read blogs the way they used to. and that's just fine. i still plan on writing occasionally because truth be told i like the writing. i like the way it organizes my thoughts. in the end this has always ultimately been a space for me.

i make no promises. but i'm hopeful that i might just find a bit more time to be present here. i for sure will be back on friday w/ a book to talk about !


Melissa said…
Oh, this entry is great - it resonated so clearly for me - thank you!
Anonymous said…
While I understand your lack of posting has been bec of how BUSY you've been, I still miss not reading about your work,etc. So, for my own selfish reasons I hope you can write a little more often over the summer!
√©ireann said…
I read and (dead horse) miss the community of Flickr/blogs in 2003-8. I have been consciously trying to post more regularly and also putting photos on flickr (it just feels different to instagram). But I also just have (or make) less time to communicate and also to *make* things which was really my entry back then (as for all of us). I do see that there are people doing this, especially people who are now the age I was then, but so often it is rolled up in slickness and marketing and super-styled photos and it feels competitive, bland, and distant.

Anyway HI. I have chroma things but fear I am too late. Bad at that kind of thing.
I'm reading...love hearing what you are up to even if it is a couple of weeks later. xo.

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