the keepsake project

this week i moved into the irving street projects - a residency space in the sunset of san francisco. it's kelly inouye's  studio that she's also turned into a space to support artists and their projects. 

my project is entitled the keepsake project -i will be "collecting" and documenting the public's {AKA YOU} keepsakes. i'm curious what you consider a keepsake. why some objects seem to be imbued with nostalgia. where the heck does nostalgia come from anyway. you can read a lot more about the project on the tumblr i've set up, or the press release.

i will be there tuesdays and thursdays 10:30-ish to 2:30-ish documenting keepsakes. like this ponch that my grandma made for me, and that i've now passed onto the little:

i will photograph keepsakes [documenting them]. i will render them in some sort of painting/drawing. and i will be tagging them with some vital information [like an archeologist].

if you are in the Bay Area and want to stop by - i'd love to chat with you about a keepsake of yours. [any kind of keepsake]. you can book an appointment here, but you can also just stop by. if you want to come on a friday or weekend day, please email me to make a separate appointment.

and if you aren't local, and want to participate, please email me too... you can take a photo of your keepsake for me and i can interview you via email. the more the merrier.

i started on kelly's christmas sweatshirt today. she made it with her grandma.

please come visit me [and invite anyone you know who might be interested in the project to get in touch!] 4331 Irving Street, San Francisco. 


Richard said…
What a great project! I look forward to future posts which will hopefully outline some of what you have received.

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