the keepsake project // open studios THIS WEEKEND

hi... i know... crickets around here. that's partially because i've been so busy with the keepsake project !  it's been growing by leaps and bounds - which is great ! i've got 30+ items photographed and in the process of documentation. i'm excited [and a bit overwhelmed]. 

i wanted to let anyone who still checks this space know that irving street projects will be hosting an open studios this weekend and i will be there. you can come say hi. you can purchase copies of my books/zines and perhaps a few artworks. you can purchase artwork of kelly inouye , leah rosenberg, and mary anne kluth

i've been pretty good about updating the keepsake project blog - so there you can see and read the stories of different items that have been brought in. 

if you are around - please stop by
4341 Irving Street
San Francisco

Saturday i'll be there from 12-4
Sunday i'll be there from 12-5.

hope to see you !


Richard said…
Thanks for a wonderful 'walk down memory lane' for so many people. What a great project this is!

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