do you know about creative bug? [you probably do, but just in case]. so i filmed an acrylic class with them that is coming out in february... but they have an amazing array of classes with incredible, thoughtful teachers.

they are currently hosting a giveaway - a copy of courtney cerruti's "playing with surface design", a copy of my recently released book "20 ways to draw a chair" [i know i haven't even really talked about this, but i will ASAP], and a collaborative drawing with courtney and pam garrison . both courtney and pam have classes on creative bug and i admire both so much. 

there's a couple more days to enter the giveaway and there will be FOUR winners - so you have a good shot. there are a lot of ways to enter - visit CREATIVE BUG's BLOGPOST on the giveaway to learn more. 


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