amazing holiday ornaments given to me by paper monkey press

oh hello. happy new year. how were your holidays? do anything great? good? worthy of documenting? we had a pretty good old time here - it's hard not to when you have an almost 7 year old. the decorating gets more elaborate. the count down to santa is loud and boisterous. 

a quick recap of some of the stuff that happened round here?

i took down the keepsake project. i am sad to see it go. i'm working on a book to document the whole thing. and am contemplating proposing it again [and maybe again and again. different locales could offer different situations, no?]. we shall see. 

i made and drew a foraged wreath. i dreamt about being a florist in another life. 

we saw san francisco's version of the nutcracker. it was good. [i actually think i like the oakland version better - we saw that a couple of years ago]. the sugar plum fairies' costumes were absolutely stunning, though. i couldn't get over them. here's a real photo. the former costume designer in me was kind of giddy. that doesn't happen too much any more. i decided to draw a version and in the process was frustrated working from memory. i finally found the picture online and then was much happier. the little was watching me do this and she stated "mama, you take what you see SO seriously!". leave it to the brilliance of a child to distill something so precisely. YES. i do. it's what i do. ALL the time. 

i made a darth vadar jello for our holiday meal. i have completely re-fallen in love with jello. i want to make a jello zine. 

i also made bon appetite's red version of their ombre holiday cookie. i have to work on making the layers even, but i then contemplated being a pastry chef in another life [sensing a theme here?]

i also took jen hewett's  block printing class at hand craft studio school. SO MUCH FUN. 

oh we did. in 3D even. [not sure if 3D is necessary]. and yes. even though it's like a new hope all over again i fell for it. it's good. and i'd be lying if i didn't say i'm kind of excited that rey is one tough female lead. hurrah. 

and i also breaked. hard. which is really really unusual for me. i usually don't stop working because of the whole entropy thing. things in motion stay in motion. but with a kid home for 2 weeks, and the demands of a holiday season with a small person, i had to mostly stop. and i am suffering from it now. i still want to kind of sit around and do nothing, but i can't. deadlines loom. classes start in 2 weeks [which now seems like tomorrow]. 

this is my current research/want to read/interested in pile. yeah. [truth be told there's another pile too, but i can't really photo them together]. i'm working on both old ideas [sen/1000] and a few new ideas. i'm trying to figure out if it's time to completely shift into something, or.... and i don't have much time to make up my mid. 

one thing i did realize - very clearly - is how much i miss this space. the writing. the processing that i can do here. i definitely post daily on instagram, often with short fleeting explanations of what i'm thinking, but this space offers more room. and while i have no idea who might even still check this space i think i've decided that it's time to attempt to write more regularly here again. no promises. but we'll see if i can pull it off. maybe once a week at least. not just posts on HEY THIS IS HAPPENING - which will definitely be the case - but more about HEY THIS IS WHAT I'M THINKING. because in the end i think that is what i'm craving. not just links or snippets, but bigger chunks. i didn't want to start another daily project or big 2016 thing, but maybe the thing is to return here. which in a way feels like coming back to my roots, back to where many a thing started. hmmmm. 

happy 2016. i'm planning on putting one foot in front of the other and hoping not to fall too far or too hard. 


happy new year, lisa! xo
Richard said…
I, for one, am glad you came back to post here! The ombre and jello were very tasty.
Carla said…
I'm reading you too, just never comment... Looking forward to your thoughts and work in 2016!
You go girl!
Anika Starmer said…
Happy New Year Lisa!

Those ornaments! I want to sit around and look at that photo all the time. One of my goals is to post on my blog more often this year too. Last year I only posted twice, which is kinda hard to believe, but true. I would certainly love to hear/see more from you here, especially thoughts about stuff.

P.S. I love your wreath! My mom had her own business creating dried flower arrangements while I was growing up, and she still makes bittersweet wreaths for the fall and greenery wreaths and bunches for the holidays which is the best.
Lisa Solomon said…
@Anika - i love those ornaments. i'm not taking them out of the box ! ;) and i hope you write more too !
and how cool about your mom. i bet her wreaths are/were amazing. lucky to be surrounded by that ! happy new year !

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