upcoming workshops and the like

i have a post brewing about the start of the semester, but first i wanted to let you know about some other upcoming classes i'm teaching.

first up is an embroidery sampler class - Jan 30th, 2-5 at Handcraft Studio school . i just checked and apparently it's SOLD OUT ! woo. if you are interested, though, contact them to be on the waiting list. it's definitely cold season, so someone may drop out. also if you are interested and local i'd love to get a headcount as to how many more of you want this class cause then i can schedule it again ;). this is the sampler i designed for the class and printed on spoonflower. i'm so excited to try it out [all attendees get it in the kit that's included with their fee]. 

next - running feb 2nd and 9th from 6:30-8:30pm [2 tuesdays] is my Artist Packet Class at Kala Art Institute. we actually met enrollment for this class as well, but i had them add a couple of slots. so if you'd like to join us - i'd love to have you. this is one of my favorite classes to teach, because it feels like it actually makes an impact. we discuss all the things you need as an artist to apply for what your heart desires: your CV, your portfolio, your artist statement... it's student driven based. so we talk the most about what you want to learn about. 

i'm not teaching professional practices right now at the college level since they are revamping their curriculum - and i miss it - so i'm really looking forward to this. 

i'm going back to craftcation in 2016 April 7-10 and i couldn't be more excited ! i loved it last year. the sense of community and the energy was absolutely so wonderful. it's a great chance to see lots of friends and learn a lot of new things. i'm teaching color theory, a block repeat pattern class and an embroidery necklace class. here's the schedule. there's a discount for registering early [through Feb. 10th], so if you are thinking about going i'd say sign up NOW !

and in other news. the little turned SEVEN. [oh how could that possibly be?]. i thought tiny donuts were in order. and aquamarine is her favorite color. so... 

also i've been working on a piece for walter maciel's 10th anniversary show. they wanted to do a show that was him/gallery centric so i created a thread portrait of him from a photo on the opening night of the gallery [i was there for that]. i did it on translucent silk because it's going over another part. while working i realized how fun it was to see how different backgrounds effected the piece so i started laying it on top of random things. from top left - painting rag, watercolor palette, grid paper, japanese ink set box.

2016 feels like it's off to a whirlwind start. had a very interesting studio visit this morning, and a meeting for a cool show i'm co-curating on thursday. yay.


Richard said…
"Whirlwind" is an understatement! What a nice compliment that your classes are so well attended.

Congrats to Walter for his 10th anniversary. Hard to believe he's been there that long. Or that the little turned 7. What does that mean about us getting OLDER?!? As my Mom used to say, 'age is just a number.'

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