today feels like a BIG day. i'm so excited to announce that i'm joining the creativebug family !

if you don't already know about creativebug they are an online resource for all kinds of craft and art classes. for $4.95 a month you'll have access to 500+ classes from so many amazing instructors. you can watch the classes online, on your device... practically anywhere. you can also create a personal library [one class per month] that will never expire. so cool.

my class is in 3 parts - it's all about getting your feet wet with acrylics. if you haven't painted before, this is the perfect way for you to learn more about acrylic and how to make it work for you. if you have painted before, this class is a refresher, and hopefully i'll be able to offer you some tips and tricks that you hadn't considered before. 

part one - GETTING STARTED goes live TODAY - this class will be in 3 parts and hopefully you will follow along !

part 2: Value Light and Shadow: goes LIVE Feb 16th
part 3: Understanding Color: goes LIVE Feb 23rd

if you aren't a creativebug subscriber and want to give it a try - you can play along FOR FREE for 2 weeks. [and you can add one class for free to your personal library]. i've watched and really enjoyed:

if you want a little teaser - watch my how to clean your brushes tutorial for FREE [you don't even have to sign up].

so... try it ! let me know what you think... if you start painting upload to the member gallery - or tag me on instagram #creativebug #cbpainting @lisasolomon so i can see what you did ! 


Richard said…
Congrats to you! Wishing you success and fun in doing these classes.
I'm so thrilled for you. Jane, Kate and I will ALL watch!!!! xoxoxo

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