28 April 2016

chroma doilies - redeux

so remember chroma? and a small doily installation i made for that show?
well, walter maciel gallery has a booth at artmarket [FRIDAY + THIS WEEKEND - are you going?] and there was room for me to install it in their booth. of course i decided it had to be in a different configuration this time. red row on top to white/black row on bottom [instead of left to right]

being silly, just about to install

first row up ! so... they use plywood walls at these fairs. because they are temporary and durable. pins into plywood = not so fun. but i was ready. bandaids and wrist band....

a little over 5 hours later...

voila. [the air was on and kept moving the strings. leaning strings]

the whole booth flows pretty nicely. 

if i didn't show you the shadows you would think there was something wrong with me right?

if you have a moment - go. there will be a lot of art. from a lot of places. i'm in good thread company in walter's booth with robb putnam and nike schroeder, but there are other GREAT pieces too. 

happy almost weekend

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Anonymous said...

These look great.... and so do YOU!