a month \\ stitch sampler class

a whole month has gone by. how can that be ?? it was filled with the end of the semester crunch. the end of semester grading crunch. and now i'm in the throws of organizing the studio for the summer of madness... or more like the summer of getting ready for 2 shows and working with an arts institution to do some community work [grant procured !]... more on all this soon.

stitch sampler packaged all pretty

for now, i just wanted to let you all know that i'm teaching my embroidery sampler class this Sunday from 10-1 at handcraft studio school and there are a couple spots left. so if you, or someone you know wants to come stitch... sign up !

ok. happy June [how is it already JUNE?]


Anonymous said…
yeah, June! HOW did that happen?!?

looking forward to reading about your community project....do you EVER rest?!?
Erika said…
Hi Lisa, I love so much reading about your art. so glad you're blogging again! All I do all day long is count things (and try to tell good stories about the numbers) so a little dose of art is just what I need. Thanks for making the effort!

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