CHROMA at Rare Device

it started much as the last one. but we couldn't take over the floor since this is a RETAIL space and people um, need to shop.

but it was easier to layout the 2nd time around

this time we worked in horizontal rows instead of vertical. 

this time we worked both top down and bottom up. 

this time there was remarkable negative space [giving us ideas for the next time around maybe]

this time we had over 20 [!!!!!] amazing volunteers. the most dedicated. so dedicated we finished in 3 long days [unheard of!]

this time when we went to photograph it on thursday morning the famous sarah deragon happened to walk in and shoot our show ! and us !!!

christie is ALWAYS cracking me up like this. 

didn't sarah take the best photos ever?

this time christine and i designed and silkscreened POSTERS. and you can get em on rare device's website

this time we also cut up the imperfect silkscreen prints and made tiny prints/cards. [which yes you can also buy on rare device's website.

this time, once again, we were thrilled, excited, overwhelmed and delighted to put this together - so much so we have plans to try and do it again [and again]. 

it's up through September 6th at rare device. if you go, please tag your photos with #rdchroma

also elise morris put a little interview/post on the show on the studio work... 


Anonymous said…
It was a great piece of work. Thanks to C and you....and your volunteers, too.

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