sometimes i think that one of the most interesting parts of an artist's practice is the part that you don't see. or if you are lucky during a studio visit you get a glimpse. it's the research, the rejects, the tests, the random strips of paper with scribbles on them that i find so fascinating. [this is true of my own work too].

i've noticed that on a scrap piece of paper where i'm testing colors, the order of the colors and the mark making can often seem more free and in many cases much BETTER than the "real" work that i'm trying to produce. maybe because it's less precious and more unconscious it taps into that magic space that artist's are so yearning to embody.

above is me matching thread to some watercolor colors. it's so satisfying - i wish it could just BE my work.

when i was at irving street projects, kelly was making palette paintings. in her work she has to practice the strokes or fine tune the colors she's going to use in the paintings she's making. she ended up really liking the test papers and consciously decided to exhibit some of them with the final works. they created a whole new narrative that was really exciting.

we talked A LOT about process. we thought it'd be really fun to curate a show based on this idea. luckily theodora murano of ampersand international arts was interested... and palette came to fruition. 

our curatorial statement:
Using the simple idea of a painter’s palette as a starting point and metaphor for composing one’s own artistic vernacular through studio work, co-curators Kelly Inouye, Theodora Mauro, and Lisa Solomon asked participating artists to exhibit something that helps them tap their creative well and inspires their work, instead of displaying finished artwork. The resulting exhibition features an eclectic mix of found objects, research materials, actual palettes, studio accidents, works-in-prog-ress, studies, music, collections, sketchbooks, and ephemera illustrating the unpre-dictable nature of inspiration and the value of creative thinking.

the show is up through October 14. the gallery is open thursdays and fridays 12-5. here are a few install shots [but there is MUCH more to see !]

the artists in the show are:

we made a catalogue for the show. you can preview/purchase it here on blurb.  i'm quite proud of this exhibition, the concept as well as the execution. it's also always so completely rewarding to work with such wonderful people.


Anonymous said…
wow, amazing!

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