Spectral Hues

oh hello.
Happy New Year. [it's still January. i can still say this, right?]
i have been meaning to post here. about a trip to JAPAN !
about art i have seen... you know

i have been full of good intentions, but short on actual follow through. the thing is that i miss writing. in full sentences and in full thought. and i've been missing reading other friend's blogs as well. in the rush that has become life it has become increasingly difficult to even find a few moments to just sit and read something that isn't work or research related. i'm really hoping to remedy this in the coming weeks.

but in the meantime.... let me tell you about a show that opens tonight at the Palo Alto Art Center. i've been an artist in residence there all summer working with teens and teaching them a bit of meditation and how to maybe use painting with colors and shapes as a means to meditate as well. i've been making my own  color meditations

i made 2 giant watercolor with embroidery paintings for the show. this silly video is a time lapse of me adding some thread to one of them. and the show features many many great artists. Anne Appleby, Leo Bersamina, Omar Chacon, Freddy Chandra, Amy Ellingson, Eden V. Evans, Kristen Farr, Anoka Faruqee, Marguerite Fletcher, Stephen Giannetti, Mike Henderson, Karrie Hovey, Henry Jackson, Mitchell Johnson, Amy Kaufman, Keira Kotler, Richard Mayhew, Ron Nagle, Ruth Pastine, Mel Prest, Ken Price, Meghann Riepenhoff, Tamra Seal, Jenny Sharaf, Victoria Wagner, Nancy White.

what is so great about this group is that it includes a former professor of mine, some really good friends, a former student, and some art heros as well. i love that our work is all in the same room together.

if you are in the South Bay, please come. the opening is from 7-10pm and i will be there.

SPECTRAL HUES - curated by Sharon Bliss

Palo Alto Art Center
1313 Newell Road


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