wanna contribute to CHROMA?


missed me? 
i've been thinking a lot and wanting to write, i even wrote some notes about this topic that i've been thinking about for years, but i haven't had the mental space to get anywhere with it. in the meantime, let me see if i can persuade you to send us your colorful junk. if you haven't already been inundated with my chroma posts elsewhere... or if you have but are wondering how long we will be collecting...

we have about 6 more weeks to collect stuff. so if you got em, send em. doodads, bits, bobs... christine and i are getting ready to permanently install your goodies in washington dc this summer. 

you can send them to:
PO BOX 99534 
Emeryville, CA 94662

this time we are permanently gluing them onto plexiglass. i was at tap plastics yesterday finalizing our order and spied these plastic boxes of goodness [which sparked a conversation of remember these when you were a kid with your name dot lettered on them???]. i didn't buy, but i thought of getting a small rainbow stack. 


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