september exhibitions

hey there ! i have a lot of work up in a lot of places this september... [if you get my newsletter this will be old news to you, but...]

if any of these are in your neck of the woods check them out, or come to the openings/events where i will be so we can say hello in person !

my "wallet size me" portraits are on view at Works in San Jose
curated by Sylvia Min, including work by Sylvia, Mary AylingConnie Begg, Carmina Eliason
the show is up through October 14th. 

my pieces that document the migration of radiation after the fukushima daichii nuclear disaster in 2011, and a few "portraits" that document the migration of myself, my husband, my mom and dad will be on view in "home" curated by jenifer kent,  also including work by rodney ewing and hannah perrine mode, the show opens this friday - sept 14th from 5-7pm. there is an artist talk/walk through at 6pm. the show is at the jackson street gallery at san francisco university high school . the show is up through october 26th. 

installation view

my senninbari [1000 french stitched knot belt] piece, as well as a couple of doily toxins are on view in "the new domestics- finding beauty in the mundane" at the monterey art museum

there is an artist reception next thursday, sept. 20th which i will be attending.  the exhibition will be on view through october 28th.

gail enns of celadon arts and i started talking about the concept for this show in 2014, so it's really awesome to see it come to fruition. it also includes amazing work by mitra fabian, susan abbot martin, victoria may, maria porges, katherine sherwood, judy shintani, and the temple sisters

in "all together now" a show curated by kevin chen, sharon bliss and mike arcega - the concept of community is explored. part of the keepsake project developed at irving street projects will be on view.

other artists include - lukaza branfman-verissimoJeffrey Cheung/Unity SkateboardingMel Day and Michael Namkungmiriam klein stahlramekon o'arwisterspeoples kitchen collectivejackie sumellkim arteche and weston teruyashirin towfiqangie wilson,  with reading table selections by harrel fletcher

there is a reception september 22 from 1-3pm which i will be attending.
the exhibition is up through october 25.
on october 2nd from 2-3pm i will be in the gallery documenting keepsakes if you want to come by.

happy fall [although i'm patiently waiting for our Bay Area summer]


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