pretty big things

i am very thrilled to announce that i am in a group show at walter maciel gallery curated by brenda g. williams

i will be there this saturday - november 10, 2018 - from 4-8 pm for an artist meet and greet and reception. if you are in the area it'd be lovely to see you and say hello !

from the press release: 

Pretty is defined as being attractive in a delicate way. Big connotes a considerable size or intensity. Thing is an object that often has no specific identity but for this exhibition the thing is art. 

Pretty Big Things represents the energy of optimism and possibility while embracing beauty, meditation and positive anticipation. After a couple of tumultuous and emotional years in our political spectrum, the desire to experience the simple joy and satisfaction of engaging art work becomes the focus of this exhibition putting aside our thoughts of despair, revolt, anger and fear.  The selection of artworks by six California-based artists generates a conversation of personal intent and working styles that will hopefully result in a movement of high optimism, reflection, action and mobilization for change as a way to empower our community.  

i have 4 large [over 4'] drawings in the show. i couldn't get photos of them in their entirety in my studio [can't step back far enough]. so instead i offer you some details. 

the 4 drawings revolve around my interest in ikebana - literally translated to "living flowers" it's a japanese tradition that started in the 7th century. 

often seen as a meditative practice and a chance to convene with nature, i decided to utilize collaged elements - some directly from vintage ikebana handbooks as well as one woman's personal ikebana sketchbook. i also made 3 dimensional paper flowers/leaves from gami paper, gold leaf and embroidery to depict the 4 seasons. 

they were really interesting for me to make, both a departure and a synthesis of many ideas i've been using the studio for years. i love the idea of looking for beauty, particularly in difficult times. i'll post pictures of the full works once i take photos this weekend !


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