what i have been doing instead of blogging

in no particular order

1. working on interwoven [what a great group of international makers we have]

2. working on my professional practice course at sfsu and getting a feel for this group [and wondering A LOT if i should try and do a more post-undergrad, real life working artist seminar online- and/or project based portfolio/body of work development Ecourse] 

2a. looking at the san francisco skyline on my drive in and wondering when it shifted. so many new glassy tall tall buildings these days. all of a sudden feels less quaint and charmy and more CITY. 

3. trying out amazingly decadent donughnuts with a new online turned real life friend

 4. getting handmade necklaces from the little

 5. spending a lot of time looking up at the ceiling in my bedroom because i have been sick as a dog sickie sick sick. this kind of weird i have a different symptom to deal with daily type sick.

6. working on my newsletter. ok. truth is knowing that i should do this, but having a hard time getting motivated. HEY PEOPLE - especially EAST COAST. i am coming your way. march 10 - workshop and book signing at PURL SOHO [insert jumping up and down here]. will you please come? spread the word? and come? i haven't been on the east coast in years [since the little]. and i'm going solo. [amazing. how will this feel?]

7. meetings. lots and lots and lots of meetings... about all kinds of things. there could be some very exciting things happening for MODify/d  [not jinxing so not saying]. i have measurements of walls for my solo show... and in the procuring of those measurements i visited my tank installation at Fouladi Projects  - and took "real" photos of it... [these will be in the newsletter. aside: i can get it done. i can. i can. oh - do you want to see it when it's finally finished? if so - sign up for it on my homepage ]

8. dreaming about the studio. trying not to be discouraged or feel guilty when life takes over and i can do what i want or need to get done.

at least now i can say i blogged, right? and i did write another make believe collection post - about agnes martin


emily said…
oh good golly i want to come on march 10 so badly. working on spring break plans now and crossing my fingers. (also? life is so full for you that my head is spinning just reading this post! all so so good. xo.)
Anonymous said…
HANG in there with your weird symptoms that change daily. Sounds like your body is telling you that you need TO REST for awhile...one cannot burn the candle at both ends and in the middle forever, you know.

A trip to NYC sounds very exciting. Wish my main squeeze and me could be there. Instead, we will savor photos and blogging about it.
andrea Mckeen said…
RE: " project based portfolio/body of work development e-course"...Would something like this be available to the wide world (basically I am saying me!) or just your students at the University? Body of work development e-course is something I would be very interested in hearing about!!
Unknown said…
yes on the e-course.
Anne Marie said…
You did A LOT!!! Busy bee... enjoy the comotion, get better soon and know that you will get studio time sooner or later. Hang in there! :-)

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