FULL week !

hello. this week there will no rambling post about some sort of deep thought because this week there is no time for thinking. only installing and teaching. 

i just arrived in sunny ventura for CRAFTCATION 2017 where i will be teaching 2 classes - color theory for artists/designers and embroidery, as well as sitting on a panel about being a maker parent - [if you are here please be sure and say hello !]

but only AFTER i spent the last 2 days installing my Senninbari [1000 french knot] piece at SF Artmarket which opens TONIGHT at 6pm and runs through sunday. 

luckily i had many helpers. 4 on tuesday and 3 yesterday, along w/ 2 double decker scaffolds, 3 drills, 3 levels, and one laser level to make it all happen. 

it is at the entrance [holy smokes] so you literally can not miss it as you walk in.
so if you go, please let me know - and if you post any pictures on the instagram - be sure and tag me - @lisasolomon so i can see them??? especially since i won't be there except just in time on sunday to take it all down. short but sweet. 

more install photos.... and they were lighting the piece and loading the last bits of art as i left.... behind the scenes.....


Anonymous said…
CONGRATS on getting this done before you left for CRAFTCATION! Don't know if we can get there to see it because we have a busy weekend ahead. But it will make a great impression, to be sure!!

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