lethargy & procrastinating

I should be getting my proposals together - proposals for classes.... but I don't feel like doing a gosh darn thing. it's like I'm in slow motion mode.... unlike me really....

so instead of doing what I should I'm just looking at stuff. there seems to be a lot of girly, delicate art out there - I'm liking a lot of it... and they seem to all know each other (like a hive of honey bees). here's 3 that have I've taken a fancy to:
Rachel Sumpter
Suzy Coady
Caroline Hwang

have I said that I hate waiting for quotes??? I'm becoming a fabrication artist - not in the sense that I'm fabricating, but in the sense that I'm liking having things made for me... I'm waiting to see if a gasket manufacturing company can cut out my shape in a multitude of colors and for how much... it's like holding your breath to see if you CAN afford those really cute shoes that you see in the window. My pink plexi tank is up and glowing in my studio - it has that new art happy smell... I think it is what has also sparked the fab bug in me if you will

the one good thing about procrastinating is that I have red fingernails. it's like a little itty bitty luxury. my fingers look happier as they type.


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