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so... if you can believe it, i still have art to talk about [there are the galleries after all]. but i thought i'd take a moment to speak of the other things i occupied my time with in NY. yes NON-ART things.... i do have my limits!

the above is my painting from the amazing aurora! we traded - and honestly i think i finagled the better end of this deal. i LOVE my piece.... more than words could possibly express....

so... yes! i got to meet green girl . she was really cute and in her painting clothes because she works at this cool job. so i also got to meet her boss sarah and her co-worker/friend johanna... who has a CD and it's GRAND! i love it.... she actually got a new ukulele while i was there... they [along with buddy and shadow the poochies] make a very charming family. it was really fun to sit across from miss green after having read her blog and shared emails for a spell... i know she's headed out to CA at some point and so i hope to have her to myself for some tea!

i also saw some of my old time pals.... which is always lovely.... a few artist friends and one who is almost finished with her ph.d [uh huh - gulp]. the title of her dissertation includes the word malfeasants.... i am making it my mission to use this word in more of a daily practice.

i got to see my first fashion show:
vera wang [my first real fashion show]
vera wang.... [did i tell you it was fashion week too?]. she said her collection was based on deadwood and matisse... she had 60's cover tunes playing... i swore there were 4 models but apparently there were more like 16 and they all lookws the same... and they all walked funny - it looks much stranger in person, the runway walk, than it does on TV. they were walking like they had something stuck down their pants! it was a whirlwind.... soo many photographers and weird oddly familiar people [like from the "E" channel]

and now the shopping round up.... READY???!?!? manhattan first....

have to stop at H & M [didn't make it to century 21 this time, but...]. the ikea of clothing [as anke so aptly put it the other day] it is really fun to run around in there. i am waiting for their west coast store to open open open already!

got to also peruse abc home . i hadn't been since my first NY trip. 4 floors of amazing finds... old, new, colorful, quaint... if you need a chandelier and money is burning a hole in your pocket - this is the ticket. just look:
abc home

or how bout these cute fire men?
abc home - cute  kid's toys

can you not got to camper? and then could you resist these??
new campers
of course kim noticed the irresistability of them a bit ago....

i showed incredible restraint in the book department [i DID only have a roller carry-on]. i escaped with a brice marden drawings book and a catalogue of petah coyne [i have loved her incredible wax pieces for quite some time... the are intricate and lush and spookey... good combo!]

the piece de resistance, though is my marcel dzama "character"
my xenophaner
brought to you by cereal art . there is more on mr. dzama to come as he did happen to have a show in ny [hee hee]

moving on to BROOKLYN! i stayed with friends in carroll gardens [off the G]. their neighborhood has changed immensely since the last time i visited. there were just oodles and oodles of cool shops all in their hood. smith street, court street, and atlantic ave.... soula, lily, butter, flirt.... eek!

so in getting to their casa my purse broke... and so i had to buy this
new purse
by yak pak [can't find my purse on their site, but....]

down the street is brooklyn industries . oh my! so much goodness... where i had to get this [because it's USEFUL!!] for my laptop:
laptop sleeve

if you email me i'll send you a promo code for their website 10% off... share the love!

and [oh i know, more... your eyes must be tired!]
new green shoes

i couldn't help it. they were green - i don't have any green shoes... and they were on sale... gulp....

over in williamsburgh there are also some incredible shops [you have to be willing to fare some serious hipsters.... ultra sharp hairdos and too cool for school sunglasses... but it's worth it!]. about glamour was chock full of all things kawaii and covetable... stickers, vintage kitchenware and clothes.... oh oh oh my! the future perfect was dreamworthy. my studio mate must travel there. he must! pricey but oh so good i wish i had more cash money! moon over chattle [sorry no site!] was full of retro pieces and retro reproduction goodness. And then there was the junk store. Called junk. And i broke down and bought an item of clothing [i try to not buy clothes b/c i have a stockpile of them.... i love them... but we have small closets.... And i now only go once and awhile on super special shopping trips with my grandma!!] but this... i could not resist:
green and orange poly plaid jacket
poly? Green and orange plaid?? puuuhhhleeaasseee how many of these do you think there are floating around??

OK.... you made it. i think i got thru most of it [and heck at this point if i forgot something too bad!]

i warn... there will be more art.... ;)


wendy said…
I cannot believe how much stuff you fit in! I live here and I don't think I could have done all that you packed in.
I love that painting by aurora - her stuff is fantastic.
I am totally intrigued by the tree character of Dzama's. Can't wait to here more!
maria said…
all i can say at this moment is OH MY GOD! i can't wait to get down to NYC this fall. wowowowowowowow. thanks for sharing all of it! mav
charlene said…
Fall is the best time to go!
andrea said…
holy crap, you done good! seriously, this has been virtual FEAST for the eyes... with my limited funds, I so fancy a trip to H&M... those campers are of the ultimate cuteness... and the green shoes! oh, I love them! I am furiously taking notes so that I have some new places to hit up when I finally get up there... oh, too good. this is all too good.

guess I better start saving some money NOW.
abbytrysagain said…
Yay Lisa! I just finished reading this post and the one above it and all I can say is -wow girl! Where to start-ok the shoes-love, love, love, camper-when I lived in France I maxed out my parents' credit card buying campers and kickers-so I'm feeling you on that one! Your green shoes are so beautiful. Vera Wang-ohmygod! I am currently obsessed with America' Next Top Model (yeah, I'm 12)-that is so cool. Matisse-okay-confession here-when I was 11 I touched a Matisse at the SFMOMA. I had to-no alarms went off, but someone did tell me to step back. It was one of the most invigorating experiences of my life. I am so glad you had a great time. Thanks for sharing with us-ps-love your belonging series-still working on mine-abby
Anke said…
You really did everything there is to do in NYC (wait a moment - you didn't rent a canoe in Central Park!)! You even saw a fashion show - I always wanted to do this, mainly to watch the other people who go there...
LOVE LOVE LOVE both pairs of shoes! The green ones are beyond cute and Camper (I was at an Camper outlet in Majorca...heaven!) are so much fun! I got a pair with lemons as heels... And everything else...great finds!

I really need to get back to NYC soon...:)
ladylinoleum said…
Last time I was in NY I brought home 4 new pairs of shoes, an obscene amount of clothing, books, trinkets...it's a sickness...
joy madison said…
oooooooooooh, those camper shoes are the BOMB!!!

BTW we call H&M the Ikea of clothes too:)

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