drawing a day ~ week 47

drawing a day ~ week 47

other than monday and friday this week is all about moe. check them out on flickr if you want the description. i couldn't help but think this week about how art can function on this deeply personal level that may or may not translate to an audience. i mean anyone just looking at the middle 3 would have no idea that in essence i'm attempting to perform some little feat of magic with my drawings. they are cat drawings... or one of a little pillow. sometimes i have a problem with art when the vocabulary gets too personal - too esoteric. but it's a fine line because art that *seems* devoid of the personal [i think that essentially that's impossible - but things can look like they have no intimate meaning] can be completely uninteresting and uninspiring. in literature i can only think of this as a comparison :: i'm interested in anne frank's diary because the story is so compelling... i'm not sure i want to read jane doe's diary where she talks about her crush on her PE teacher - but i MIGHT.... that MIGHT is where the conjuring beings. i think that MIGHT is what compells us to talk about movies, images, words and what we like or dislike about them.

i'm really trying to get back to a place of routine. i no longer look for "normal" because i decided a long time ago that "normal" is actually some weird planet that no human comes from. and routine involves posting here. and looking for inspiration. and being inspired by all of you out there. i've been thinking a lot about how i've been running into people and they have no idea about moe - because they don't know about this space.... while literally all you "strangers" [in big quotes because many of you are most definitely NOT strangers] have been here and sending such lovely wishes.... and then i think about how this community has grown and changed - people drop out, or visit less frequently, or never comment, or start commenting, or make a new connection.... i am struck by how ALIVE and intimate this world is... people typing silently in their own worlds, but in actuallity interacting across time and space and distance. hmmm....

so the rest of this week will be about inspiration to me. things that i have found and want to share. and i'll start with the cakes of the wedding i went to recently ::

luscious cakes

the wedding took place in bodega bay. which made me re-watch the birds . bodega looks remarkably the same [almost]. the school house in the movie is right next door to the church where the wedding took place... the sounds in that movie are incredible and still quite scary. i love the scene with all the crows on the kid's playground equipment. stunning.

see a few more wedding shots here

happy tuesday!


i love your words on this community, how it grows and changes all the time but everything is still so alive.

as always, my monday started off nicely because i knew there would be new drawings. i like them all.
bugheart said…
you hit
a chord
with me-
i feel the
same way
about my exam...
like few people
the blogger world
are with me
the process...
how i feel...
that is when
the connections
the blogworld
ever so
alyssa said…
That was such a lovely post. I love your Moe inspired drawings. Sometimes drawing does feel like it can move worlds and I do believe it does, somewhere we can't see or maybe we just sense it's presence when we are drawing. Your drawings definitely hold magic. How is Moe today? Sending lot's of good thoughts.
Shari said…
hi lisa,

you, my dear, always make me think. i love the image of each of us "typing silently but interacting across time, space and distance". that, to me, is beautiful. a lovely thought indeed.

this community is so alive, so caring. it's truly amazing and wonderful.

love the moe inspired pieces. hope she is better.
xox, shari
ps: those cakes! what were the flavors?
julie said…
Ohhh...deep thoughts..but so true! I talk to people i have never met about personal stuff that I dont discuss with friends in my everyday life..but i count these people as friends on the same level and feel blessed to know them. "Alive and intimate" is what makes this a great community to be part of - the sharing, caring and mutual inspiration.
Your drawings are beautiful and sensitive...like you.
Kisses for Moe xxx
ashb said…
I completely agree with what your saying about blogging, I think people that read my blog know more about my life than people I see in person, funny how it works out like that.

Also I too had a strange fascination with "the birds". I just loved how it was shot and how everything looked, I haven't seen it since I was kid but it has always stuck with me ;) I think I just like odd things lol!

hope you are well, hugs, ash
sarah said…
i love the idea that "normal" is some weird planet yes yes... and i also love your thoughts about blogging, so totally resonant! it's actually really strange for me when someone from my "real" life connects into my blog world because i tend to forget it's not just us here hanging out... just heading over to flickr for my drawing fix, hugs for you and moe xxx
Anonymous said…
Hi it's me again ...the anonymous who lost her identity :)
Your words brought tears into my eyes. It's so fascinating this LIVE body typing silently their own words.
And your personal drawings are touching...the little paw on the 1st in the bottom is so wonderful.
You have been to "The Birds" place? Fantastic. It's one of my favourite movies (among many others, I must admit) :)
Anonymous said…
there is no such thing as normal. love you girl. you have been in my thoughts so much lately. lisa
pat said…
Thank goodness for one's "routines" which can be a saving grace when one is in the midst of dealing with major upheavals in life like a loved one who is very ill. I find myself aggressively hanging onto my daily routine in such circumstances. And looking for words of kindness from those who I deem to inform of my turmoil. Thank you for having shared such lovely drawings of your little Moe!
blair said…
I have been thinking about Moe. When I was in college, this band I really loved wouldn't publish the words to their songs, and it was impossible to understand them in their songs. They said that they wanted the listener to interpret it all their own way. So, knowing that somehow their feelings were strong enough to write these songs to begin with, gave me the freedom to enjoy it all my own way. Corny, I know, but that analogy came to mind when I read your words about art and artist's emotion.

We all connect here with such love and strength. I have seen Peter, the world's biggest cynic, soften his view of the "big bad world" since I've known the blog world.

take care of yourself, and Moe. xo
kelly said…
Your post made me cry because I have been feeling the same way...we just found out my bunny Watson has terminal cancer(all the vets say no treatment would even prolong his life). I feel so blessed sometimes though to have such an outlet, like my blog, like my work at art school, to be able to at least open up, even if everyone doesnt understand or I have a hard time bringing the right words to the situation.
Your work is amazing. I love this weeks work and it reminds me of what we were saying in theories of art yesterday about 'the deeper' meaning of work, and the variation of degrees that work hits you or has a broader purpose.
My thoughts are with you and Moe.
risa said…
i have this weird and probably unhealthy obsessions of trying to project how things in my current life will be perceived by myself, my children (i currently don´t have any), etc. this post reminded me of that obsession, as i often wonder how blogs will be discussed in the future...it such an interesting cultural phenomena that has changed the way we express ourselves, whom we consider friends, etc. fascinating. and to many, definitely not "normal." :)
wendy said…
I love that your drawings were very moe-centric...thinking of you...love your thoughts on the world of blog!
Karen said…
Lovely lovely Moe....

I am loving your thoughts about blogging and the life we've created within our community. Some of my friends still don't "get" it but I see it as a modern version of having pen pals. For some reason, even though I am never lacking in the ability to speak, I've always been more open and eloquent in my writing. Many of my childhood frienships have been sustained through writing. So to me, this blogging form of friendship is very real....
gracia said…
Connectivity & Little Moe inspired works... beautiful pairing! Happy seeking further inspiration in odd & new places, though clearly from these 5 drawings, you have ample in bucket loads already...
take care, g
lisa s said…
hey erin... thanks.... it really is how i feel!

gwen.... yes. poingant and personal and so IMPORTANT!

alyssa... thank you. i'm glad someone else is a believer in the magic of drawing... moe is hanging in there! thank you for asking!!

shari.... i am thinking of you and miles too.... this community is beyond what i could have ever expected....

the cakes! they were chocolate raspberry, pistachio, lemon and bannana!

thank you julie.... very very much!

hi ashb! i'm glad you are a fellow birds fan... i'm also fascinated by how something so scary can also be so lovely it's a great contrast! thanks for the hugs!

sarah - so what is the name of our planet?? and yes - it is strange when the "live" and the "blog" intersect...

hello paula.... you will always have an identity to me! yes! bodega is about 1.5 hours from my home... it's a very small sleepy beach town.... :) i also love the birds!

hi lisa! xoxo

pat... yes routine. very comforting. thank YOU for your visits and comments

oh blair... i LOVE this story. so much. i can't even really express it... not corny at all.... xo

kelly... my thoughts are with you... very much so!! thank you for the kind words about my work. they really mean so much

risa... ah yes - the future of this... and the permanence and simutaneous impermanence.... very not "normal"

hi wenders.... xoxo as always

karen... i love that you are a penpal... and a good one at that. this is most certainly REAL... that's what i find so moving about it all....

gracia.... :) buckets? hmmm where have i placed them?? they seem to be rather invisible at the moment but i am flattered that you think i have them!
jerusha said…
i think your renderings of moe, and the lone little pillow in between, offers some of that magic. i'm always amazed at how a love for whatever we create connects, whether the other person knows the reasons behind it or not. sometimes i feel like creativity is always personal and even if it resonates differently for everyone, in the spaces between, there's still a way to embrace another's world. i think this is what i like about reading others' blogs too...

some thoughts for a late night ;)
Abigail said…
I love this post...I think it comes really close to summing up how I feel about blogging, and the special relationships that it creates from it....

I think so often when catching up with friends, you edit your life into the 'memorable' and the 'important' things you have to tell them, to update them on...the thing about writing on the blog is that we all share the little things -- the tiny moments {of good and bad} that actually, are what combined, makes up *real life*....

People who read your bog end up knowing you so well...I write things I wouldn't always neccesarily say...I think it is so powerful how blogging can create such wonderful relationships that defy the barriers the size of the world creates....

I am thankful for it each day...and for you too, sweet Lisa!
andrea said…
adore the drawings, the apearance of your sweet feline freind, the upper left block of pinks... all so good.

speaking of the movie 'the birds'-- the first full day we moved into our new house, the backyard filled with blackbirds. it was beautiful but also kind of creepy. hope that's not a bad sign or anything... (*gulp*)

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