re-cap and rhythm

polaroid holiday recap

how was yours? i hope full of everything you hoped for [and maybe a little extra of something you didn't know was coming!] above is my spectra re-cap of the holidays at my house.

i have been very very in my head this week - which has been actually a real treat. i am listening to ticks and tocks that i shoved aside weeks ago in an end of semester/ holiday daze/craze. i have been ruminating on where i am - from big to small - in my life, in the studio, in my house, in my relationships, on the street [looking lost]. it may be because it's the end of the year and there's this tug to wrap things up [literally ~ with big shiney bows - and figuratively ~ the new year brings new styles, new hopes, new dreams - and financially ~ the big tax envelopes begin to arrive]

i have been putting off the responsibilites of my syllabus [which is starting to switch gears from a gentle coo to an off-pitch whine. attend to me.... school starts on the 9th... you have only an outline for me..... hey hEy hEY HEY!!!] and instead am dilligently working in the studio. and thinking about the studio. and art. and as i do this i REALLY wish that my studio {besides my family} could be the number 1 focus in my life. i could paint something, tack it up, take it down, change a color, stare at something, turn it upsidedown and stare some more, cut something out, try a new paper, research wallpaper patterns and pictures of cupcakes.... for longer than i care to admit. [although here i am admitting it]

i am also on MY schedule... staying up late.... waking up 8:30-9am.... feels luxurious and wonderful. ENJOYING my coffee in the morning.... enjoying catching part of charlie rose..... speaking of which.... cate blanchet was on the other night.... and she's whip smart - uses the word astonishing as an adjective with flair - and totally captivated me. she spoke about film and stage with that twinkle in her eye.... and i love when someone is passionate and SERIOUS about their endeavors. at one point mr. rose said to her - something along the lines of - and how do you manage it all - you do so much. and i perked up - lifting my head from garbo's back and staring intently when she answered "i don'k know anyone who has managed it all.... something always atrophies".

atrophy :: a wasting away, a diminution in the size of a cell, tissue, organ or part. that word, that thought, has been the thing rolling around in my brain the last few days.... i feel many parts of my brain have atrophied.... but then again can that process also strengthen the opposite or other? meaning as i cease to care about what 8 times 6 equals does the part of my brain that jitters over color gain strength? sort of like the idea that there is only so much matter in the world and we just keep repositioning it.... and doesn't atrophy just sound smarter and more interesting than "dropping the ball", "being forgetful" - plus i like the idea that it's not atually totally lost.... just dimished in size....

so there you have it.... this is what i do when left to my own devices.... i think it's time to eat one more ginger cookie... the one sweet thing i made for the season... and there are a few left.... crunchy - until you dunk them in milk.... and then... they smush ever so gently..... and if i don't make it back before then.... HAPPY NEW YEAR! 07? 07? 07?? wow.

ginger cookies + donkey :)


anne said…
lisa, i loved reading your thoughts today! when i read about cate blanchet being asked how she does it all, i curiously lifted my head, too. love the idea of atrophy here so much!!!

i wish you a wonderful 07 with lots of time for your beautiful work, well being and living in your own rhythm! have a good transition to the new year!! i look forward to reading on about you in the new year! xo anne
i can relate to your post for sure- the thinking part. sometimes i wonder how much i think compared to other know- the people who are content in life just working and then going to the bar after work as a daily routine...i wonder if they really KNOW what's going on...

i never realized how great cate is until i got over the fact that my husband has a mega crush on her. (or- at least i think he does- who doesnt, though?) she is really wonderful, though- one of those people who KNOWS what she's doing, as you already stated.

i hope your new year is great...cant wait to see what you come up with in '07!!!
julie said…
You sound relaxed and happy and really taking this time out as it should be taken - good for you!!! I think its great to tidy up 'upstairs' at the end of the year - prepares us for the new in such a positive ginger cookies, cup cakes and a wonderful 2007, love julie xxx
pat said…
I hope your life in 07 is like your ginger cookies: a great balance of sweet and sharp, firm and "smushy," etc. Ain't easy to find and even harder to maintain, let alone to reproduce, time after time after time. But such is the challenge of living one's life as best as one can.
I look forward to another year during which your musings provide me with interesting things to consider and a chance to keep up with you and your very busy and creative life. VERY BEST WISHES to you and to your hubbie....
one black bird said…
dear, you always make me things suddenly occured to me as i was reading your post (about my post) and i wanted to hop on over to my site and change/add some things but alas, sometimes it is good to leave things as they are... even if it means calling it atrophy. happy new year! xo
tiffany said…
I think we're all living in our heads to some extent. It's that time of year for reassessing everything. I like to do a new years clean sweep while I ruminate!

Enjoy those ginger cookies!

Happy New Year!
andrea said…
oh my, those photos of christmas around your home... delicious. I would like to be there to see it with my very own eyes.

and I love how you stir up the conversation-- no one does it like you do and I love that.

(and that twinkle in cate's eye is what draws me to her, I think)
jenny vorwaller said…
ah! i miss watching charlie rose! ;) and who doesn't love cate...;)

think you may have to post that ginger cookies recipe.

hope that the little things can slide away to make room for painting. it's something that i put off all the time too, and this is coming from someone who has the space in her days to do it!

happy new year lisa, ;) 2007!! ? haha.
maditi said…
lovely-sparkly-polaroid-christmas :)
happy new year to you, looking forward to all your thoughts, ideas, photos and humour in 2007!
gracia said…
"not actually totally lost.... just diminished in size...."
Your holiday time sounds a little like mine, staying up late and rising around 9. I've no idea how I'll ever get started again. I'm hoping it is not actually lost to me, just diminished in size.
Happy New Year to you, dear one!
(Oh, and to be like Cate Blanchett, complete with a twinkle in the eye...)
shash said…
just stopping by to say hi. i love it when people take the time to look words up. so much more meaning to them than one can readily articulate/remember. enjoying your post as usual. and those cookies look scrumptious.
Shari said…
wishing you the happiest of new years. i can't believe we're heading into 2007. love this post....and those ginger cookies look so good. enjoy the sweet things lisa! xoxo shari
bugheart said…
happy new years
sweet lisa...
i too am hoping
for a new year
of new hope...
new organization...
and of course
like you.
Abigail said…
Ahh ginger cookies...a good distraction if ever I saw one ;)

..I am so with you on this post. I am thinking things will just have to slot into place as and when fate decides this coming the meantime..pass me a cookie.

Much love to you this hogmanay eve! Happy New Year sweets...hope 2007 brings many great thing to you :)xx
Kelly said…
I think 2007 will bring so many new things to you....hopefully youll get more time to stare at your painting(something I am as well trying to do instead of churn it out and just get it done done done).
Happy New Year!!!
poppy said…
like the idea of listening to the ticks and tocks...i wish i could get there.
simple me said…
Dear Lisa,

Happy New Year! a year I'm sure will be spent more and more in your studio enjoying sweet things.

I've also been much in my head lately and enjoying the late nights. Doesn't it feel so good?

lisa s said…
hi anne.... i love that we did the same thing when listening to CB !

erin.... yeah - that same what do "regular" people think about crosses my mind too... but i think everyone has some sort of questioning dialogue running in their head.... and i think you should forgive your husband for the CB crush - she's pretty irresistable!

hi julie! to cupcakes and ginger cookies and 07!! xo

hi pat - i hope i can find that balance....

diana - here's to leaving things and letting there be a bit of atrophy... i think it might be good for us

happy new year tiffany! ooohh you are reminding me to clean for new years

andrea.... i think you stir up the conversation like no other - so thank you dear dear one!

jenny - pssst.... cookie recipie from martha stewart! :) happy new year miss adventure!

maditi.... i can't tell you how happy i am that you think i have a sense of humour! xoxo

gracia... a big happy new year to you too!

shash - i'm a big big big fan of the dictionary! ;D

hi sweet shari.... thank you - always.....

gwen.... can't wait for our next visit!

abigial - how was the scottish ringing in???? [we heard lots of gunshots!]

hi kelly - thanks for wishing me more painting time! happy new year!

poppy - i can't do it consistently, but i'm hoping to get there!

hi paula.... oh i LOVE the late nights... so much!!
wendy said…
oh what lovely images you write!!
happy new year.
natasha said…
it is funny, i have this intense fear of only doing one kind of art or craft for too long, or to stay away from anything for too long. it amazes me when someone is able to work in the same medium and on similar series of things for an extended period of time. i want to be good at everything. know how to do everything. cram as much into my brain is it can handle. i have always felt this way and i wonder if it holds me back...anyway, i think i may continue this on my own blog that you continued on your blog that started on mav's blog. xo

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