step three :: collaborate

two :: sweet 3

if you missed it and/or are intersted - the 2nd installment of shari and my documentary project was hosted on her blog yesterday . the word was sweet and you can read all about it....

this is my friend rori's new cocktail monkey card. she used the design i came up with a couple of years ago for the front page of her website. what is it about cocktail monkeys that is so appealing? the colors? the plastic? the fact that they hang by their tails? anyway - you can buy your own monkey cards in her shop .

last night tara and i were painting in mama buzz until 11:30pm. the walls are now pink and the floor has an alice in wonderland black and white checkerboard. it's going to be dirty by the opening on friday, but we don't care. you should have seen us hopping from black sqare to black square to move around the room. why is that paint ends up in the weirdest places [side of your neck.... behind your knee]... i'm off to install some more.....

have a good tuesday!

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