step ten :: show new work

a bed dreams a blue doily dream

above is one of the pieces i shipped off to the levy gallery . technically the show opens tomorrow i guess. it's always sad to pack up and empty your studio... and then i feel bad not being able to help hang the show. i implicitly trust how they will put it together - but i sent them a mini doily installation and am hoping it's not too big of a pain in the neck for them to put up. [i ended up painting doilies on acetate - not as good as when i put them on the wall - but they will do].

if you are in, near, around albuquerque you should check out the show. it's up for a very long time - till april 7th. there's a closing reception which i'll attend then. i'll post a few more images of work in the show over the next few....

what else is new? i am up to my ears in grading. 2 long hard crits this week - but some fantastic work and effort by students. i'm working on a logo design... i have this other project that i can't talk about yet and... taxes. i've got to take care of taxes this weekend! and i have to take down i want sugar. it was fast, but sweet. bye bye cupcakes

if you are in NY - aurora and i are in a benefit show for the the artist network a really cool space in NY. there's a big pink rhino target there.... the proceeds from the sale go to help fund the space and their residency [which is incredibly cool]. you can read more about it on their site.

if you missed it.... a few days ago grace used some photos of my house as a sneak peak on d*... i've really been loving seeing everyone's spaces. one's like lisa c's where i've actually also been inside [it's better than the photos!]. k.c's house today is just as lovely as the items she posts about. alyson's house was also really cool.....

and finally - to make things full circle - bed to bed. did you know that wendy is doing a photography study - "a year of beds". of course i am in love with this idea... and so is eschu - who blogged about it. i just recently discovered eschu on flickr ... her photos are just stunning.

was it just me or did the week fly by? oh! if you want something to watch brianna gave me a CD comp a spell ago and it has this feist song that i can't hear enough of. watch the video for mushaboom .

happy weekend!


Showpony said…
I loved seing your home on d*s, so full of character and warmth. I'm also a big fan of this art, beautiful colours and textures. I'm looking forward to seeing more images from the show.
lovely work.
cruststation said…
I love your artwork, it's so unique and amazing. My friends are flying off to NY this weekend for a holiday (not fair!) I so wish I was there to see your shows. I blogged about mushboom before, love that song -it was used in an advert. Loving everyone's projects, will be compiling a list soon.
julie said…
your new piece is beautiful lisa...i cant believe its on acetate!! I love the colours and detail...
I am going to check out your home but i know already i love it!

happy weekend to you xxx
pat said…
Thanks for the chance to learn about your thoughts about your home. What a wonderful collection of memories and beautiful things that you have put around you everyday!! I wish I could get to Albq to see your show in person but I look forward to seeing more of the work on your musings.
eshu said…
lady that is one beautiful piece of art, i cannot wait to see more!

thanks for the shout out, much appreciated!
bugheart said…
i could stare
at your house
for hours...
so full of
amazing finds
and beautiful
and such
a wonderful
of you and d.
just got your
you are
{a cutest}
LeeAnn said…
The artwork above is really beautiful. The colors are wonderful.
risa said…
how fun to catch up with your latest posts and to see your beautiful apartment! i love your latest piece. there is something about beds, huh?!?! and i love your art collection. you have some beautiful pieces. oh and that crocheted coat. sooooo amazing and so very you. can you tell i am drooling? better go wipe it up. :)
lisa said…
hi lisa! happy weekend to you too!! i love that piece you posted a pic of so very much.
gracia said…
So much happening! Good luck with it all! If I could be there in person, I would... off to the levy gallery & the benefit show. If only!
take care, g xo
Listoria said…
oh, so much happens when you step out of the blogisphere for a month!

I love the piece with the bed and the doily print and well, it's just very cool! And funny this, I just found a bedspread of my mother's that exact shade of blue buried in my attic! And you know I think it has a similar print. Crazy.

Well, must catch up on your posts during my month absence!

(Oh, love "Mushaboom" - have you heard Lily Allen's "Smile"? Can't get that song out of my head and the video cracks me up - you can find it on youtube!)

Di said…
a beautiful piece!
Loved looking at pics of your home- so many interesting things and so beautifully arranged. I like how you use colour in your home.
wendy said…
oh the piece is so the dollie floating above the bed like a little dollie balloon.
your house - so awesome!
liz from eschu made year of beds sound so cool...thanks again for the push in that direction!
amisha said…
oh lisa... this new work is amazing! i love the textures and the layers of transparency, the embroidery, the beds. love. the pieces are stunning.
and it was great to see your house on d*s! so exciting to see the interior spaces of artists, the lived experience of creativity.
and yes this week flew... i'm hoping the weekend will go sweet and slow. good luck with your grading! (i've lost e to it the last couple of weeks too... papers everywhere!)
Vanessa said…
Your home is wodnerful. It is intriguing...The treasures beckon you in....You are the treasure actually.
dandelion said…
beautiful! hope you don't mind but i have linked to your blog from my blog... x
maditi said…
love your new work and your beautiful home!!!!! hope you´re already done with taxes ;))
Marieke said…
Ooh, I loved the peak - your house is super stylish Lisa! x
lisa s said…
hi showpony... thank you so much!

crustation.... wow..thanks... i don't think i read your blog when you posted about mushaboom - but i'm glad i 'm not the only fan...

hi julie - this piece is actually on duralar - the installation i sent is on acetate.

hi pat... more work to come - thanks for the kind comment

eshu - very very happy to have found you

bug... xoxoxoxoxo i'm glad it got to you!!

thanks leeann!

risa.... beds.. yes... i'm glad you like the art in my home. i feel very lucky....

hi lisa!! xo

gracia... i wish you'd hurry up w/ that teleporter... :)

hi tiffany! nice to see you back! i had actually seen that smile video... she's cute!

di... thank you! it took awhile to be that bold w/ color.... but now that we started i can't stop

hi wenders - i'm so excited you are doing the year! just so excited

hi amisha... thank you! tell e i can relate!

vanessa... aw. blushing now... thank you

hi dandelion... mind? it's an honor. thank you.

maditi - still have to do the taxes... sigh... but almost

hi marieke... thanks! means a lot from you!
cally said…
you know. of course, that I am in love with this piece.

i'd love to live in a world where I could have it in a frame and in the next frame have christine's painting she did for her grandma, the chandelier one. they'd be beautiful together.
shari said…
wow. wow. and wow again. i LOVE the new piece lisa. lovely spring colors too. xoxo

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