step twelve :: a new look

have you been wondering at all about the whole step thing with my blog? [other than the reference to addiction recovery?]

i guess at the root of it i've been thinking about the steps it takes to run a blog. i was wondering what made a successful blog for me. 12 steps ago i had a mini-crisis and wanted to take a break. i even contemplated stopping entirely. but then i realized that wasn't necessarily the best path. this blog often offers a way for me to re-evaluate what is going on in my life and studio and often helps me re-focus. plus it's definitely motivational - must feed the blog! but i think my favorite part is that it allows me to stay in communication with a host of entirely too wonderful people. since i spend a lot of time in my own head - this is a very very good thing.

in my mind step 12 was always going to be a redesign. so here it is.

happy weekend folks! see you on monday with the documentary project!


cruststation said…
Love your step process, glad you stayed blogging and congrats on reaching 12 - what a wonderful redesign it is too! Can't wait to hear more about your upcoming project. Happy weekend to you!
Laural said…
Looks great! We're glad you're still around, I've been enjoying your 'steps'!
jen j-m said…
i love your new look! congratulations on getting to 12.
UNIFORM Studio said…
I'm so glad you stayed:)
The new look is wonderful. I love the photograph -so unexpected and fresh.
Love it.
Glad you didn't go away! :) Nice redesign but the links are a bit piled up on each other up at the top (I'm on a Mac using Safari, FYI). Might be worth investigating...
shari said…
the new look is wonderful! yay for reaching step 12. ;) xoxo
sally said…
Lookin' good Miss Lisa. I'm so happy you are still "here".
Mary said…
i'm sure you already know how happy i am that you're still here, but i'm gonna tell you anyway: i'm so glad you're still here. you have such an important, supportive impact on so many of us, and i think it's safe to say that this community would not be the same without you.

i was pretty worried about you, and it's been nice to see you stay committed to this, and i love the new look!

have a great weekend, lisa.
LeeAnn said…
I am so happy you decided to stay! I really enjoy visiting. And I love the new look. I need to take the time and personalize my site instead of using a blah template.
eshu said…
oh lisa! it's so lovely. i love the banner especially, great colors.

the twelve step approach sounds like it was very cleansing for you.
jen said…
i love the new look too! the blues are lovely. i'm glad you're here too! have a nice weekend.
sarah said…
just love the new look lisa, you know i always love to see the thread lined up :) have a happy weekend xxx
Nichola said…
LOVE the new look! I'm glad you decided to stick around, i'd miss you if your weren't here.
wendy said…
the colors are so right!
and I love the little tabs at the top!!
and your photo....lovely!!!
alyssa said…
Hey Lisa,
My comment must have vaporized. I love your new look!
Have a nice Sunday!
gracia said…
Hee, hee... new things... gotta love new things, and new looks.
see you, g xo
julie said…
Love the new look and im so glad you took this path and stayed and i agree with all of your reasons for having a blog...even if it is to spend some time outside of our heads :0 xxx
pat said…
Thick headed me! I did not get the reference to the 12 steps until this latest and improved version of your blog came out....I like the re-design. But most importantly I am very pleased that you decided to stay in touch with all of us regular readers. I enjoy the chance to read about and to see pieces of your work on a frequent basis. So, keep it coming!!
amisha said…
so, so glad that you stayed! and the new look is *amazing*... i love that photograph! beautiful.
meg said…
so fresh and springy - love it! and so glad you've decided to keep blogging, i would miss you!
blair said…

It looks great over here Lisa! I hear you on the steps and love that you have methodically gone through some steps of evaluation and refocus. Blogging has its ups and downs, but the ups definitely outweigh the downs for me right now. Missing you would be an understatement if you stopped blogging.
bugheart said…
my 12 step
usually ends
in me
being late
at doing
each step
and then subdividing
the steps
into other steps
and postponing
getting steps done
to other steps.
love the
new look...
and glad
you are
still here
every time
i read
another post.
to you soon.
maditi said…
I love step 12!!
beautiful new design & banner :)
Marieke said…
Great new look for Lisa's blog. I am still knitting by the way and hope to finish them soon x
dandelion said…
i wondered what the steps were about...! Love the new look a lot!
mati said…
you're rad! i'm glad... you didn't leave us:)
Vanessa said…
Wonderful when things come full circle. What perfect things you said. I kept nodding yes and yes. Blogging is a wonderful way to connect with such wonderful people in all other parts of the world. I enjoy you! Bravo to you, being of open and pondering mind, to see inside and out, and have a positive outsome!!!xxo, Vanessa
tracy said…
love the new look too. and "measure twice..." is a heavily repeated mantra around our house. sewing, home renovations, and life! so glad to have you around xo
nicole said…
Loving your look Miss L. Glad you stayed, hadn't said that before. Loving the hands. Gusto to you. nx
jenny said…
you would be so missed if you decided to stop blogging lisa! :) the redesign is nice! xo
amy k. said…
I love the redesign and am glad you are here too-in any way you want to be, you know?

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