over the river and through the woods

over the river and through the woods

almost there, almost there, almost there! been packing and wrapping and thinking

tuesday i leave for LA where i will have the amazing assistance of the lovely wenders and alyssa - who i'm so excited to meet - plus all the incredible help of the ultra fantastic staff at little bird gallery .

i'll share more about my thoughts on the show when it's actually up. [no counting chickens before they hatch]

just in case you thought i wasn't making crafty things anymore i thought i'd share my gradebook. i didn't like the plain black cover - so

i do still make stuff

i used moonstitches really great book cover tutorial as my starting point. i also used some trim and fabric i brought back from japan. what i realized while making this is that i'm no sally or martha or blair or all the hordes of amazing crafters out there. i am a lazy sewer. especially when i feel under the gun. i know how to be neat and perfect, but i just rarely do it. sigh. by the way - check out moonstitches owl tutorial too - those owls are SO CUTE.

so i'll be on ship tomorrow and shari and i resume our documentary project on monday - her blog - but i may be a little absent the rest of this week and all of next as i get my show up.... wish me luck!


alyssa said…
I love your show preview and your beautiful book cover! See you:)!
Tracy said…
oh we are so there on the 13! can't wait! xo
lisa said…
can only speak to wenders and you will love her. she's as adorable and funny as they come.
Julie said…
awww, i wish i was in the area in general. i'd go to your show as part of my birthday extravaganza day of events.

congrats on that though, and all the other upcoming events you spoke of in your email!
andrea (scout) said…
the preview is beautiful. i really wish i could be there, but can't wait to hear all about it. (with photos, even? :)

and the grade book looks fantastic! the pencil pockets--what a great idea. (and as a lady who's churned out ten book frocks in the last few days for a fall swap, i feel strangely, like an expert...)

good luck! xoxo
briana said…
oooo... sneak preview.

can't wait! can't wait!
pat said…
I also love the pencil pockets! You are your own worst critic, you know. Best of luck with your show in LA.....
cruststation said…
I love the photo of your work from the show, it's so beautiful! I wish I was in the area to assist in setting up and to see everything in person. So many wonderful things happening over here, congrats on your first solo show and looking forward to more in the future.
shari said…
your new show looks/sounds fabulous. hope you have so much fun. i also adore your gradebook. so cute! i sit here this morning thinking of the word for the doc project. it's a doozy. xoxo s
Good luck over the moon and back!!! xxo
risa said…
i love those new pieces! i wish, wish, wish i could go. can you please have a show in denver? maybe in my living room?
bugheart said…
can't help
show name...
good luck!
it will be
i am
so sad
to miss it.
Anke said…
Good luck and knoch their socks off! This will be wonderful if the preview is anything to go by. Enjoy!

The book cover is great - you should make some kind of toolbelt in the same design so you have everything nearby when installing your work in the gallery. Just a thought!

louise said…
Good luck with the set up of your exhibition, I'm sure it will go perfectly for you. xo lj
Good luck with the show! Everything looks great!
Di said…
Good luck with the show! The preview card looks amazing!
amisha said…
good luck with the show! how i wish i could be there... that postcard is such a tantalizing glimpse. looking forward to the full report :)
and i love your gradebook cover. e is wedded to those old-school green ones but i feel like i should drop a hint in the craftier direction.
julie said…
Oh my gosh..this looks different to your usual work - i cant wait to see some more of those trees!!!

Love the book cover too. I never thought for a moment that youd stopped crafting...after all, its in the blood!! xxx
gracia said…
Somewhat belatedly, I wish you all the very best of luck with installing the show and with the work itself. So wishing I could be there both to help with the set-up and to see the actual exhibition. I hope it goes really, really well for you.

Have a super time with Wendy & Alyssa, too... and please, pass on a big HELLO from me.

take care, g xo
lisa s said…
hi alyssa... can't wait...

tracy! oh i SO look forward to meeting you!!

hi lisa...

julie - thanks for coming by and saying that my show would be part of your b-day extravaganza! wow. that's so nice!

andrea... thank you....i can't believe you made 10 book frocks!!!

briana... XO

hi pat. thanks. i am probably my own worst critic.

hi babel.... i wish you were here too!

hi shari... xo

hi vansessa... thank you....

risa. yes - in your living room - any time....

hi gwen... oh yes. that is good. sing the title.

anke... oh yes. toolbelt. indeed

hi louise and erin and di... THANK YOU

amisha... oh yes - make e a cover! [a manly version]

julie... really you think the doily trees are different?? oh tell me more! but yes... crafting in the blood.

g - will definitely give W and A a shout from you!!!! xoxo

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