pigmentary portraits + eye candy

pigmentary portraits

it's hard to believe that i leave TOMORROW for the east coast. lisa congdon and i are going out install our show pigmentary portraits. i am excited to see how our work looks together. i really had a great time researching this show. and i discovered 2 things while making this work that i want to carry over into new pieces.

1. i like the idea of patchworking pieces. each of my pieces in the show has multiple components. some of which i overlapped and hang on pins so that they spatially are on different planes. since i'm using a semi-transparent vellum i'm really liking the effect.
2. i figured out this new way to work with thread and paper. again it's a spatial thing - but i started wrapping it around the corners and edges - it becomes this really interesting formal punch.

the short scoop on the show:

In our own ways we have researched and investigated the historical origins of Indigo and Cobalt blue, Indian and Ochre yellow, Verdigris and Malachite green, Vermilion and Alizarin red, Cadmium and Realgar orange, Tyrian and Mars Violet purple, Gofun Shirayuki white, and Ivory/Bone black.

Our hope was to create a portrait of each pigment - through which we could somehow reconnect with the alchemy of colors' past.

Firm believers in the idea that one's materials can only enhance and contextualize one's work, we are interested in exploring where these pigments come from and how to present their findings in a visually rich language.

artstream Studios
56 north main street
rochester, nh 03867

if you are around i hope you come by and say hello!!

after the show opens we are headed to maine for a few days of relaxing with some friends. i'm REALLY looking forward to this. i'm getting to meet some special folks.

i'll try and post some pics of the show/travels while we are away but i wanted to leave you with some eye candy/links.

diem chau

diem's piece arrived. isn't it stunning? i didn't realize from photos, but she actually embroiders on a very thin silk and stretches that over the cup. it's really subtle. when you look straight on the illusion of the embroidery being on the ceramic surface is so lovely.....

andrew paynter

andrew paynter sent out a summer newsletter with this photo of the band mattson 2. i LOVED this contact sheet so much.

and finally.... i've discovered this new to me blog of paper and things . monica astounds me everyday with her finds. she has a great eye.


shari said…
the new show looks great. i'm sorry we won't be at the opening but i know we will find time to see it while it's up! and you are right..this post is full of eye candy. thanks friend. xo
wendy said…
have a great time at the show & on your trip east.
travel safe...we should talk when you return!
Andrea said…
Hi Lisa! I looked over on the Artstream blog and your "Cadmium" is wonderful...I am so in love with that tiny urn....
Have a wonderful trip and opening!
risa said…
i love diem's piece!
and i can't wait to see photos of all the pieces (i just spelled pieces, "pisas" by accident) from the new show! i've been looking forward to it for a while. :)
melissa s. said…
this sounds so cool lisa, i wish i could see it in person. have a good trip and stay cool!!
Good luck with your show :) Can't wait to see pics of it and that cup is amazing!
Esti said…

(each of diem's pieces are breathtaking in every possible way)

hrsj said…
lisa i've been thinking about you all week and wondering when you were headed out/up there. you're still in my thoughts, and i hope you ladies have a fantastic show, travels, and visits. say hi to susan.
can't wait to see your pictures!
stephanie levy said…
I can't wait to see more work from this show. I know it will be wonderful!
Have fun on the East Coast!
gracia said…
Such a rich concept... and so many possibilities!

Best of luck with the installation. I can't wait to see a little more.
Be good on the East Coast, my dear Lisa--- they just don't deserve you! ;)
babelfish said…
The layering of your pieces sounds fascinating, I wish I could be there to fully appreciate the work. Thanks for sharing about the silk on diem's work (I didn't know that)+ great link to a new blog. Thank you!
bugheart said…
oh i am so
that ceramic piece
looks amazing
(it is ceramic, no?)
amisha said…
the concept behind this show is amazing... i can just imagine how fun it was to research! and i am really loving the layers + collaged elements in your pieces.
ohhh and that embroidered cup... swoon :)

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