more baby booties + a domestic life {02}

booties for Andrés

this time for a boy baby. here's the pattern if you want to try them. i couldn't help but think of the other martha when i picked these colors out.

i am happy to report that i somehow managed to get holiday cards out [a shortened list] this year. i still like the feel of a real card - i don't want to succumb to an e-card [although i do like getting those too]. not yet.

they started digging for the studio in the backyard. i almost can't believe it. i should really try and document what happens little by little. maybe make a little movie [gif] of it? hmmm. ok. note to self: take picture early tomorrow before they arrive. although it might rain, so who knows if they'll get anything done tomorrow. i get to go BACK to the permit office tomorrow too. one more snafu to figure out - but my planchecker assured me he'd sign off when i spoke to him on the phone. phew. they tried to take away a foot. and we need that foot back! at least there is a solution [just have to change the nature of one wall]. it's amazing how 12 inches can make or bread a deal.

a domestic life :: 02 :: tulips

here's page 2 of a domestic life. i don't really like this. but part of what worked for me when i did the drawing a day project was learning to live with [and hence learning from] my mistakes. i like the thought here. isolate something from the photo - change the scale/location of it. i just don't really like how i rendered it. so i'll try the isolate/alter thing again on another page.

i think many people are on their way "home" or traveling for the holiday. i'm happy to be just HOME. no big plans. hubby and i can't afford gifts this year - so i'm hoping for a day of lounging and crocheting and petting dogs and cats.... and eating. and did i mention lounging? if you are on your way or already gone... wishing you safe travels [SO MUCH SNOW everywhere - but here]...


julie said…
your build a studio project is so exciting!!! i think it would be great to document.

so good to see the domestic life project develop. lately i have learnt that its important to just do do do (draw or paint, sketches..) and thru this process you learn so much and also find unexpected turns along the way.

huge hugs back to you lovely and lounging with hubby and pets sounds damn good to me. have a great one and look forward to new creations in 2009 xxx
oh lisa-- have a beautiful christmas, dear! so jealous you get to stay HOME! :)
Anonymous said…
Sometimes the permit and inspection people can be a real pain in the #@%^&!! One just has to hang in there and politely negotiate with them to see how much wiggle room there might be.....The booties are CUTE!
Anke said…
Sweetest Lisa - have a wonderful wonderful holiday too and a very happy new year! I hope to be more "internet" active in 2009... :)
Many, many hugs - Anke.
UNIFORM Studio said…
of course I love the colors -and the shoes. so cute:)
yes yes yes -please take pictures of your studio in progress.
I can't wait to see it.
and have a very relaxing holiday -you deserve it.
babelfish said…
I think I lost my first message :*(
The beginnings of the building work for your studio is finally happening, how exciting! Loving your project, it's inspiring me to start my own -if only I could take that first step...wishing you and your family a most wonderful Christmas and a happy new year!
risa said…
lisa! i have to write you an email soon...hold me to it please! i hope you have a wonderful holiday! ours will be quiet too. kind of nice, but kind of sad (wish i could be in vermont with my family but we're keeping the budget tight right now too).
louise said…
Dearest Lisa,
I hope you and hubby and the four legged co all have wonderful day of lounging. Merry Christmas dear friend. xoxo lj
dandelion said…
loving the new project - very exciting! have a very merry christmas...x
wendy said…
those booties are awesome - can you enlarge the size? I am so glad you are getting a chance to lounge - so fun.
& you should totally make a little movie of the building!
poppy said…
i would so love a pair of those booties myself. enjoy your time lounging and staying at home. we will be thinking of you as we lounge at home as well (although very snowed in) - we are living in a snowglobe at the moment...

merry christmas lisa!

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