here comes the craft again

funny bear

the other night around 2am i was feeding cc and listening to the rain come pouring down. it really is a lovely sound. and of course "here comes the rain again" entered my head. i was never a eurethmics fan - although i always like annie lenox's shock of red hair. and thus the corny title of this post was born.

the bear above is about to make a long journey to get to his new owner. it's the first time i added something to the eyes. the amiguri book i had used felt cut outs around the eyes for a panda - so i modified it for this brown bear... i wonder what name he might end up with. when i was a kid i named my stuffed toys usually what they were - sometimes in japanese - and often with and "ie" or "ey" at the end like giraffey. OK i was not a good namer when i was a kid. i think want to make this elephant sometime soon.

felt mobile

in keeping with the animal theme. made this mobile for cc. just cut out some felt animal silhouettes and used steel wire we had around the house. it's hanging above her changing table - although she can't really see it yet. *smile*. hubby has really worked SO HARD on her room. it's amazing. i'll show you when we are closer to done. just a few more things to get together.

making scones

and in the spirit of domesticity i made some scones last night. wanted something hearty and not so sweet and we had dried currants. at the end i looked down and just liked what i saw - so i snapped the picture. i really have a thing for rolling pins. if we had more room i'd collect them. i think they are so beautiful. those measuring cups are from my grandmother.... i'm eating the scones with my favorite jam and i have way too many. have to give some to the neighbor.

did you see the article on neko case in the new york times magazine the other sunday? how much do i love that she collects free/often broken/funky pianos?

have a good thursday!


betsy said…
I love this post, lj. I can't wait to see cc's room. The mobile is great.

When we cleared out my grandmother's home, I was so drawn to the kitchen implements and linens. When I'm wearing her apron and using her rolling pin and salad bowl, I like to think she's right there in the kitchen with me when I'm cooking. Everything tastes better. xo
Julie said…
Oh definitely make the elephant next! I adore elephants and he's particularly adorable :)

I can't wait to see her room! I'm sure it'll be a wonderfully whimsical space.
risa said…
love your creations, as always. i can't wait to see cc's room. and i have to say it made me feel better that you haven't finished it yet as we don't even know where we'll be living when i give birth so even though we still have a few months i have no idea whether the room will technically be "done" or hardly even started by baby pea's arrival.
gracia said…
Such a mobile! Magical dreams will surely follow.

g xo
melissa s. said…
little amiguri's always make me smile. can't wait to see cc's room. i never thought i'd say this, but oh how i miss those 2am nursing sessions!
Anonymous said…
cc is very fortunate to have parents who are already investing so much into making a loving and creative environment for her. It is FUN, isn't it?!? While I like the rolling pin, I know I'd love the scones better! I don't think I will ever miss the 2 AM feedings...or the 4 AM feedings, either, for that matter.
Esti said…
the mobile is great!
Thanks to the link to that neko case interview. I like her a lot.
UNIFORM Studio said…
I can't wait to see her room-
the mobile is adorable.
it's funny what you think of at 2am:)
time will fly though, and soon she will be sleeping through the night.
I loved the article on neko case.
what an interesting person.
glad you're back in this space.
babelfish said…
How cute is your amigurumi bear? Love the mobile too, cc's room have such a cool shaped roof, can't wait to see the rest.
Anke said…
This post oozes being content and at peace with the world for me. I hope that's true and you are enjoying your little family. Looking forward to see cc's room. :) xo
amisha said…
hey ms. lisa. i am about to start a big ol' catch up over here. pulling up a cup of coffee, or two, and finding out what has been going on :) i have been missing reading you over here so very much. your sweet comments have meant so much to me, lady-- i am amazed at all you have been doing with baby at hip!! :) and have been loving fifi fridays, too. ok, off to more reading. xoxo

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