that is the sound of me hitting the wall. last week went a little haywire to say the least. sleep deprivation + almost anything out of the ordinary = a bad cocktail.

event one :: i think it started when the power went out last week. i was trapped upstairs holding cc w/ no way to even find a flashlight [which we do have upstairs, and which i would normally hunt down in the dark, but when you are carrying a baby - all bets are off]. we don't usually loose power as we're on the same grid as a hospital so it was a bit startling. candles out. camping lantern on... little LED reading light - suddenly indispensable.

event two :: i won't go into gory details, but lets just say i even lost my saliva swallowing skills. i kid you not. [a pill stuck in your esophagus will do this]. i had no idea how much spit one would generate over an hour until i emptied it out of a cup i had to spit it all into.

event three :: and then there was the biblical moment. a whooshing sound and pitter patters a plenty - what the heck? i open the kitchen door to bouncing little black objects scattering as if they had been set free from a long confinement. the floor normally white a sea of black dots. what the heck? bugs? no. where did these things come from... what are they? black beans. yes. from the pantry cabinet. over turned and spilling..... i swear all i could think of was that scene in magnolia where the frogs fall from the sky.

where are the photos for this post you ask?
OK to occupy

on the flip side - fantastic news... my studio passed final inspection. it's "ok to occupy".... which means

did i mention i hate packing?

let the packing commence. do i need to mention yet again how much i hate packing? unpacking is more my speed. when you unpack you can re-organize. [oh ikea here i come], but packing? nightmare. moving? nightmare. and with a baby strapped to you, you can't quite lift and shove like you're used to. my former student anna has come to my rescue. offering to help she's been a guardian angel. seriously.

and... my mom comes tomorrow for a long weekend. cc and i are super excited about this. i don't even have the vocabulary [or the brain cells to use such vocabulary] to describe how ecstatic i am about this.

and soooo... i am going on an internet break. i'm not comprehending anything i'm reading anyway - and pretty pictures just make my head spin. i'll be back soon - hopefully after a long nap....

two bits:

i'm in this week's design for mankind dialogue on self discipline.

and oh! here's me goccoing with the little [note to self must finish those prints!]
we gocco


Kathleen said…
oh dear lisa! life sounds like a whirlwind. I am glad that help is near (your mom & former student). I hope you are able to get some rest.

Congrats on the new studio being "ok to occupy." Packing & moving is a pain...I know, I've moved 5 times in 4 years. But once you are settled & rested & ready to make amazing things in that new studio it will all be worth it. much love to you and cc:)
patricia said…
I admire you for doing all that with a little one. Hope the rest of your week goes smoothly. And get some rest when you can. :)
oh lisa--- oh dear. you are too cute for words.
UNIFORM Studio said…
sounds rough. good thing your mom is coming....:)
I can't wait to see the new studio.
I'm in awe that you will be able to walk out your back door and there it will be. awesome.
bugheart said…
i thought
for a minute
was bugs...
hope the
good outweighs
the bad...
wish i
could help out.
i was only
to visit
for a short time...
i wanted to
bugheart said…
great dialogue
have fun with
mom care...
wish i could
try her
bento boxes!
melissa s. said…
Yaaay, congrats!!! (on the studio -- not the power outage and black beans and spit thing, of course!)
louise said…
What time you've had. I hope you have a wonderful time with your mum and that you get some sleep dear friend. I'm super excited for you about the studio. Can't wait to see how you arrange it post ikea. xo lj
Esti said…
I'm glad to hear there were some good bits among the bad ones and that someone is going to help you. Congrats on your new studio! It sounds so exciting!
shari said…
whoah. i hope things have calmed down for you lisa! i adore the photo of you and cc. so cute. sending hugs.
Elizabeth Soule said…
I'm glad to hear you survived, it sounds like a tough week. Having the studio past inspection must have been such a relief after all the other problems. Looking forward to seeing your prints!
Katrina said…
oh my goodness! what a week for you. i hope you are able to rest up with your mom and little babes and some computer downtime. sending you loving... and happy spring!
babelfish said…
Wow, what an eventful week! So glad you got through it all with something to look forward to, your mum and the new studio, hooray :) Hope you get to take deep breaths and enjoy some family time.
gracia said…
My! How cute is that photo of the two of you... utterly adorable. And, uggh! what a week. Wishing you calm days and light with your Mum, your CC, your sweetie and your move.
sophia said…
don't know if my first comment went through, but let me just say...
wow...glad you are safe!
the PHOTO is great. i love how you look so at ease with cc so close to you!!
congrats on the new studio...looking forward to seeing what you're up to when you get back!
jan said…
awwwww! well enjoy some time with your mom and setting up the place.
wendy said…
it is going to be so nice to have the studio soo close. and whoa about all the craziness. glad to know you are doing better.

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