polaroid week 2009 - wed

so if you don't know this about me by now: i like things in a row. or en masse. i like how a collective grouping of something is different than a single item. there is power in singularity and in a collection. something meaningless like a single drinking straw becomes a whole other when massed together [i can not say enough how much of an art crush i have on tara donovan]


around the corner from hotel in japan was a housewares store. aren't the brooms cute?


crates of kirin waiting to be emptied and filled outside of a restaurant.

pinball stool

there's a mall by the water in tokyo that has a "vintage" floor. it's like 1950's-70's japan in there. there's one area that has old video games, etc. that's where these shots came from.

more polas this week here


melissa s. said…
i'm so loving this polaroid tour of japan. it's very lisa (a compliment!!!)
gracia said…
Things en masse, groupings of like things side-by-side... I love them, too. Beautiful polaroids, Lisa, really beautiful. Between your polas and Lottie's photos, I am loving my tour of Japan. Thanks for the happy sightseeing travels.

Esti said…
I'm enjoying your polaroid week very much...
And as for collection, I do love seeing repetition and groups of things too.
red-handed said…
These yellows are so posh, so imperial.
babelfish said…
A beautiful link, everything polaroid gives a nostalgic feel don't they? wonderful.
louise said…
Loving these polaroids. Did you play any of those video games? Looks like fun to me. xo lj
amisha said…
yes! what is it about the groupings that is so compelling? i totally hear you on that and it fascinates me. i think our eyes are just always looking for sets and categories... looking for what is similar and different to organize. and of course i love these polas :)

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