artinabox - september piece
{this piece is for september's art in a box ! .}


:: i'm still loving playing off of a reject letterpress print. the difference in texture between my hand the and the press still leaves me giddy. i don't think i'll ever tire of it.

:: everyone on a college campus walks w/ their phone in their hand either texting or reading email or more rarely talking on the phone. i'm surprised more people don't bump heads.

:: i forgot how excited i can get talking about line. i forgot how excited i get when students seem excited about how excited i am about line.

:: people are in a better mood when the sun is out like it should be in summer.

:: my exacto knife is one of my dearest friends right now.

:: i think i have given up entirely on procrastination. or at least almost given up on it. there simply isn't time.

:: i miss listening to music. more specifically:: we had the national on while cleaning this weekend and it made me realize how much i miss listening to entire records from beginning to end.

:: in class last week when i had finished touring the room i suddenly realized that might have been the most engaged with the most amount of people in the longest time. AKA part of my mind was not thinking about my own artwork or my daughter for the most amount of time in months.

:: going back to teaching as re-awakened the part of me that notices small details for other people, not just myself - and i like this. a lot.

:: i need to read some non-fiction again.

street find

:: walking with the little has advantages like spotting cool things on the side of the road under signs labeled free. no idea what the above is, but we brought it home [and by we i mean the little on my shoulders and me carrying it]

:: launching big projects still gives me the butterflies. next tuesday. big project. launches.... me and a friend. we've been working on it almost a year. and tuesday we get to see if anyone cares. or is interested.

happy labor-less day and week to you and yours


(I just tried to comment but blogger game me an error so if this is double just don't post it.)
But I wanted to say how glad I am that your teaching is going well and that your students are interested and engaged. Also I look forward to hearing about your project next Tuesday Lisa!
emily said…
i care. and can't wait to see. also, it sounds like a breath of fresh air - teaching again. so glad for you.
It's seems you are really enjoying teaching--excellent! Let us know if you dig into any good non-fiction.
anna said…
Sounds like a fantastic week for you -- all that opening up.

Can't wait to see what your big project is, and also what you're going to do with that cool thing you brought home!
Dawn said…
what wonderful observations!
sophia said…
love the colors of your artwork.
good to hear that teaching is nourishing you in different ways. like i said, your students are super lucky as well!
that is a cool street find whatever it is. wonder what was going through the little's mind.
butterflies are good,right? extending oneself is part of the learning curve i believe.
have a good holiday lisa.
shari said…
lisa, hi.

loved this list of observations. you seem re-energized by teaching. wonderful. looking forward to this project you speak of. xo
Anonymous said…
Your observations prove that some aspects of teaching can be more of a lift for the teacher than the students! I would love to see what you do with the thing you found on your walk with the little.....
Esti said…
i like the way you observe life around you: your teaching, walking, creating sensations. You are always teaching me something. You'll end up being my Jedi master or something :)
Katrina said…
we are always interested in your projects and i definitely care! inspiring to hear you talk about how teaching takes you outside of your own thoughts/ thinking. i like this sentiment. xoxo,k.
julie said…
the energy you have found in your return to teaching is wonderful. changes and breaks are good.
love the list (and line too!)

looking forward to hearing about this new venture.. xx
gracia said…
Things that give you butterflies are great (though scary), and processes that make you giddy with glee should always, always be pursued... oh, and I like your roadside find. But, best of all, the visual you paint of you carrying it home with your dear one on your shoulders.

g xo
life in yonder said…
I love your art in the box project... Love these pieces.

...some time back you sold a few... do you have some for sail now? Where? and if not when you do could you pleae (please, please) let me know?

jenifer lake said…
next time stuff the free sign in your pocket too - the mister collects them, has been for years. it's quite the phenomenal collection at this point too...

is it like a chiminea thing?!

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