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in progress.... trees

i'm in the thick of finalizing everything for my show at angels gate . it's quickly approaching. i have to get ready to pack and ship the bulk of the work there. and i'm working on some ghost doily trees.

here they are drying [i glue them to stabilize them and then sand down the tops so that the wooden dowel is as flush with the first doily as it can be]. i'm not even sure how these are going to end up being configured. i'm having them build a pedestal for me there and i'll place them when i get there. [nothing like winging it right?]

huge thanks to my mom and my former student jennifer who helped make doilies. i am no longer afraid of relying on the kindness of those around me to help complete my projects.

this is the first solo exhibition i've worked on since the little. it will be the little's first plane ride.... while we've been away from home, it's always been by car... i'm hoping she's as adaptable as i think she is and won't have too much trouble.

moleskine 12 months for 2011

i was on the hunt for the perfect calendar for 2011. i adored my start here planner, but they haven't made one in a few years, and it didn't look like one for 2011 was on the horizon. and now that i've started a daily list i was thinking it might be easier to incorporate the calendar and list into one package. and along comes moleskine to read my mind.

a 12 month planner broken into monthly books... in a RAINBOW of colors. what could be more perfect for me?? of course i bought on [on ebay] immediately and can't wait for it to arrive. it's kind of ridiculous how giddy office supplies make me.


i was really lucky to meet susie ghahremani the other day. she was in town to sign copies of the exquisite book at rare device . we had lunch at universal cafe .

i don't get out much. so it's always nice to have a thoughtful conversation with another working artist about what that means exactly. she asked me what it was like to have a child in terms of my artistic process. i've been asked about how to balance everything, or how to manage it, but this was a different angle. what came to me was the idea that as an artist your work tends to sit in your brain 24/7. it just doesn't turn off... even if you aren't physically working on it - it's sort of always THERE. hovering. what should you do next? what needs to get done? how can you fix what you just messed up? what color needs to go where? once you are done w/ a body of work what will you do now?? it's just a ticker tape under the surface of your day to day activities. well... since the little that ticker tape stops for me when i'm with her. she takes all of my engagement. [not ALL the time, but for much of it] it takes all of my mind to participate and be present with her. it's not like teaching where i have to call on my own art work or art experiences to be with the students. and that's kind of an interesting thing when i think about it really.


and one more thing because i think this is so interesting ::

the behring institue for medical research is having a call for art placebos . i read the call, and i can't even start to imagine what a "placebo" in art would be ??? how do you make the equivalent of a sugar pill in art ???? [if anyone has an idea for that i'd love to hear it].


Michael said…
They may be talking about art as a placebo. I don't know what kind of art would fall into that category, but I like to think that different art would benefit different recoveries.
Jacqui Dodds said…
Good Luck with your new show, glad to hear you have some help.
Love the set of moleskines - great colours.
Art placebo - will have to think about that one!
Yeah, I'm trying to wrap my mind around the idea of placebo art. Art that looks like art but isn't? I wonder what kind of submissions they will receive, don't you?
Anonymous said…
I am an art student and am also looking at submitting something - do you think it is perhaps simply the visual effect of art on the healing process. For instance if you were to paint or create something dark and nasty looking it would hinder healing opposed to light, humourous, relaxing etc.
Anonymous said…
Your trees look fantastic! Can't wait to see them. Your ability/determination to maintain your engagement with art is AWESOME. Good for you to recognize that it is 'okay' to receive help to do this!
sophia said…
congrats on your first solo show since the little lisa. that is no easy feat.
you little will do great on the plane flight.
i like your thoughts about how your work sits in your brain 24/7 even if you are not actively working on it. (even though sometimes it can drive me crazy..;) )
Bri Ana said…
Isn't art as placebo just another term for illustration? It is a medium that is often mistaken for fine art but in reality is just pure, unadulterated technique. Stripped of it's beauty and fine lines, illustration has none of the inherant emotional resonance that defines fine art.

Please file this comment under "Don't get me started..."
claire platt said…
good luck with the new show!
I know what you mean about 24/7 sometimes it drives me nuts a bit tho!
Risa said…
As someone with an interest in art and healthcare I've always been particularly interested in the intersection of the two. I can't imagine using a specific piece of art for a range of people as if the piece inspires anyone, or makes them smile or feel sad, etc. than it is no longer a placebo? Unless the study is looking at medicine vs. art (as medicine) but again our response to art is so subjective...but maybe just the act of looking/thinking about art can have some sort of healing effect? Interesting!
bugheart said…
wish i could
go to your show.
the trees
look amazing.
I love your trees! They are so pretty. They feel like winter and something I'd imagine seeing in a Northern Finland type fantasy (if that makes any sense at all...). Your thought about the way your interaction with your daughter allows you to temporarily disconnect from all of your work related thoughts seems like a really good thing--a forced willpower required. Lastly, your reference to placebo art reminds me of a really bad critique I had in school. My instructor told me my installation felt like "looks like art-is art" versus "real art". Not a fun day, but I suppose his perception of that work could be seen as placebo art.
shari said…
those trees! love them. and i'm pretty giddy about the rainbow planner books as well. sheri and i hope to see you (perhaps at bakesale betty?) in nov. xo
Katrina said…
i love this sentiment, "i am no longer afraid of relying on the kindness of those around me to help complete my projects". such a good one. and congrats on your solo show and traveling with the sweet little too.
louise said…
Best of luck with last minute preparations for your exhibition and I hope the plane ride is a breeze. I'm sure little will love it. Oh and your ghost doily trees are fantastic! As of course is your new diary! xoxo lj
gracia said…
An art placebo?! Golly. How curious.

Good luck with all your exhibition prep... wish I could help in some way.

g xo
annamaria said…
Your trees are fantastic! I so wish I could see one of your shows in person- hope it goes amazingly well-
I am also swooning over your 12 moleskins-as planners- what a brilliant idea-
and 'art placebo'??...I have to work on thinking about that..\have a lovely weekend!;)

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