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aesopica @ Rare Device

i'm in this show - "aesopica"- curated by the working proof at rare device .

all of us artists were given a choice of an aesop tale to illustrate. i chose the mischievous dog because i felt i could use tonka and garbo to depict it :)

the mischievous dog

the mischievous dog is given a big bell to wear by his owner. he thinks it's great until a dog at the market tells him he was given the bell because he's naughty. [garbo is saying "duh" to tonka - who would totally be excited by a big shiny bell around his neck!]

the original piece and $20 prints of it are available on rare device's site . part of the proceeds will benefit 826 valencia and 826 national [two great places] - more info on all of that is here


i'm avoiding all the shopping insanity. i haven't even made a list of people/things i need to get for this year. i know i can't bow out of the gifty part of the season entirely, but i honestly want to keep it VERY simple this year. i just don't have the time or the energy to go nuts. i think our decorating will be low key too.

but i did just order some holiday postcards. last year i had to do new years cards as i couldn't pull them off in time, but this year - well - at least that will get done [hopefully i can get them in the mail]. i'm becoming one of those people that puts a picture of their kid on their holiday card. i LOVE when i get those cards from my friends, but i didn't think that i would end up doing it too... but i am.

i honestly don't know how all you moms out there keep up. with the cooking and the amazing decorating and the making of presents. maybe if i didn't have all these art deadlines and teaching to do i could manage, but i just don't see a way. unless i can clone myself or create a robot to help.


speaking of holiday stuff, though.... MODify/d is participating in two holiday sales....

holiday land at the compound gallery


we'll be at RENEGADE SF !! this year. with the lovely and talented Mati McDonough


and random things....

Betsy Lohrer Hall

betsy lohrer hall's work is amazing. i fell in love with stuff that isn't even on her website... she's in the drawing show upstairs from my where have all the trees gone show at angel's gate. the mini statement on her home page could be applied to me...

i watched WHIP-IT with the hubby last night. now, i don't think i have what it takes to be a roller derby girl [i'm a wimp in the pain tolerance department]. but i do love a good roller skate. when i was a pre-teen my dad would take me to a roller rink in the valley [surrounding LA] and i LOVED it. so yeah. the movie? it's cute and charming and i think the little needs to watch it when she's like 12. because ellen page is a good role model in it [i wish i was that clever with banter when i was 17].

have a good week. hope everyone that celebrated had a fantastic thanksgiving ! we did. my mom made turkey for the first time and it was totally pro. she's such a good cook.


deerseason87 said…
Yay! Hope to see you at both Holidayland and Renegade!
Heather said…
Love the Aesop piece!

Funny, I've been wanting to rewatch Whip It, but remember it got bad reviews and was wondering if I mostly liked it because I LOVED the costumes. You talked me into a re-viewing for sure. :-)
Anonymous said…
LOVE the dogs' piece!! Friends and family will simply have to understand that gifts and even cards are lower on the priority list now with your cc in your life, teaching, etc. NOT TO WORRY about that!!
sophia said…
i feel the same way about the photo christmas's almost like a rite of passage to parenthood.

thanks for the heads up on the gift shows...would love to check out the one in oakland.

and lisa, i think what YOU do is pretty amazing. working outside the home with deadlines, etc..such a balancing act physically and mentally.
Anne Marie said…
Love the Aesop story piece!

Don't get stressed out by what everyone else do. Everyone (including me) have to find a balance as to what we can and will do within our time frame. I am sure those moms you refer to have lots of other things they can't do or don't do.

Wishing you a joyful and as relaxed as can be December!
abby try again said…
Ok-first of all..that fable show looks amazing! Wow, I wish I could go see all the pieces in person.
I hope your little family had a lovely Thanksgiving :)
As far as the holidays go, I don't know how people do it all, either!
Our extended families are just throwing $$ in a pot to donate to a family in need and James & I are saving again this year instead of trading gifts.
Best of luck with Renegade. I SO wish I could afford to be there.
Maybe next year?
Much love to you, lisa.
gracia said…
Love your piece for Aesopica and the idea behind the show and your particular work for it. Another exhibition I would dearly love to see in person. My! You are super busy.

take care, g xo
louise said…
What a great show to be part of and your contribution looks fantastic. I'd love to try my hand at illustrating an aesop tale. Not sure which one or what I'd do... it would require much thought.

Glad to hear you had a lovely Thanksgiving. As for a low key Christmas, bring it on I say. Though I am looking forward to putting up our little tree.

xo lj
I did not know The Mischievous Dog fable. Thanks for sharing. I was a big pre-teen fan of the roller rink too. Oh, so long ago. You always seem ultra busy to me, and you don't just get things out of the way, you crank out the good stuff. Pat yourself on the back. You deserve it.
julie said…
i love your intepretation of tonka - i feel like i know his personality just from your drawings of him!
sounds like a great exhibition. xx
Very cool! Hope you did well at the sale this weekend!

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