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silvershade :: me

my color theory class started last week. starts at 8am. ends at 11am - i then drive myself to SF state for class no. 2 which starts at 1 and ends at 4. then i spend anywhere from 1-2 hours in the car getting myself home [picking up the little first]. i am SO OUT of teaching/driving shape [driving in traffic is really just the pits. i feel sorry for people who have to deal with it on a daily basis]. it's funny how after a long summer where don't get me wrong i was working hard - but it was in the studio - where i didn't have to talk for hours on end. or think on the fly for hours on end.... it's quieter work. sometimes stressful in it's own way, but the pace is mine. i simply forget how much energy it takes to do the above. i hope this doesn't come across as complaining. it's more observational. it's like each task in your life puts a different drain on your mind body. parenting is one thing, teaching is another, making art is another, design work for clients another, administrating [email, phone calls, etc] yet another....

silvershade :: echinecia

anyways - i tell you the above, because i was thinking i had NO IDEA what to post about so i thought i'd show some images that i took using silvershade film from the impossible project.

silvershade :: lulu 

i'd be lying if i said it was easy to use first time around. at first i was getting mostly sepia shots. and really having trouble with the you must cover the picture as it ejects from the camera. but then i talked to my adorable and wonderful friend anne  who works there and she set me straight.
you gotta shoot and keep these on the cool side. if it's hot they turn brown. and i got used to the push button, put hand out, cover shot, flip it upside down and let it sit somewhere out of light for a few minutes routine.

silvershade :: poppypods

so i shot these on a cooler foggy morning and voila.... i kind of like the insane imperfections from the film... and the black border. tricky impossible project you....
silvershade :: sunflowers

here's a few newsy tidbits.... if you aren't on my mailing list but would like to peek at my latest newsletter - it's online here for viewing.

i posted again on poppytalk - lucky 13 of my make believe collection. andrea higgins.

i just got back from a great brunch with jen judd-mcgee, mati mcdonough, and lisa congdon [and the little came too. sometimes i'm just amazed at the creatively and force of my inspiring friends !

happy week to you !


mari said…
Interesting expression in that self-portrait shot...hmm. What was on your mind? I really like the other shots, too. They're very expressive and leave the viewer a lot of room for imagination. Hope September is treating you well so far!
Kathryn said…
Love the pics, very moody :-) Honestly, I could never do what you do ... teach. I cherish that alone time in the studio, day in and out. It keeps me sane! Stay calm and hopefully you'll fall into the schedule soon!
julie said…
hello lisa, these shots are interesting as if they are 'hinting' at something. like part of the image is 'hidden'. i like.

happy week to you xx
Anonymous said…
managing such a busy schedule with the commute to/from SF makes for challenges galore! hoping you will settle into a comfy routine after the first week or so where you can enjoy the stimulation of the classes while still finding time and energy to get to and savor all the other wonderful things you do.

thanks for sharing the photos which are fascinating....
gracia said…
These are beautiful images. All of them. Though, naturally, I am drawn to the cat in observational pose, and it is always nice to see You and how you choose to document your own self.

g xo
Louise said…
Of course like Gracia I am drawn to the cat photo. But all are gorgeous. Best of luck with you teaching and driving. Do you listen to talking books or particular music to get you through that 2 hour journey home? I favour classical music for heavy traffic. Something sublime and the complete opposite to pollution and congestion and stress. xolj
Louise said…
I just typed a comment then closed the window before posting the comment (I think)?? xolj PS time for my third morning coffee I think.

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