with a little help

i am still in shock over the news about kathreen and rob . i was just looking at her instagram feed last week. watching their adventure unfold [they were camping for a year. it was going to be a book about travelling and camping with your kids]. and then to hear they had drowned. leaving their two lovely children behind.

kathreen was such a talented woman. a force of the internet. she founded self portrait tuesday - something i used to participate in when i was a wee little blogger.

she started whip up . she wrote an amazing mini-quilt book [to which i was honored to contribute].

mason-dixing knitting  suggested an online wake of sorts. so here i am. it's too hard for me to pick a favorite whip up post. instead i'll just say that when i started blogging and the internet felt small kathreen was a huge part of community. i always admired her commitment to making, her tenacity, her kindness.

there is now a fund to help daughter Otilija and son Orlando, you can learn more here or click the button below to donate.


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