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sometimes it feels like you are running in place, doesn't it? i liken it to early cartoons where the characters were running and running and then you'd realize the background was repeating over and over. one giant illusion. 

the little's feet, NIGO impossible film
that's kind of how i've been feeling. just running. to get grades in. to do the weekend at the oakland museum. to get instant noun up... speaking of which... the GRAND and GREAT andrea of hula 70 will be coming to town on the 29th and giving a workshop on polaroids/Impossible Project film. i'll be there to assist - so come and join us !! there will be cameras for everyone to use [you'll have to buy some film] and ... i'll have a very very cool Instant Lab prototype for students to see in action. you are going to be AMAZED by it. sign up HERE

so anyway... i'm finally getting into a rhythm in the studio. getting work started for my solo show in november. checking on the progress of 1000 doilies around the world ... and i've finally had a chance to photo and put together the last of the day to day sketchbook project. here's six weeks. 
week 42 :: 12_15 - 12_21
1. plastic doll hanger
2. plastic paper clip
3. nosh caramels
4. shaulu lip balm
5. feather
6. movie night komforte chocolate
7. little prince calendar

favorite : komforte chocolate thanks blair !
 week 43 :: 12_22 - 12_28
1. bird ornament
2. vintage nib box
3. lighter
4. xmas pressent
5. pen
6. look up and down from julie
7. habu yarn

favorite: pen
 week 44 :: 12_29 - 01_04
1. coffee cup
2. the little's owl hat
3. glow in the dark bracelets
4. date stamp
5. yellow thimble
6. green thimble
7. bon marche jam jar

favorite: owl hat
 week 45 :: 01_05 - 01_11
1. crazy sharpened pencil
2. yarn
3. clip lamp
4. colored pencil box
5. needle
6. crochet hook
7. pin

favorite - clip lamp
 week 46 :: 01_12 - 01_18
1. doll house stool
2. doll house chair
3. yarn
4. doll house chair
5. mini tumbler
6. yellow embroidery thread
7. scissors

favorite - scissors [funny how this week was taken over by dollhouse furniture... for the little's christmas present]
week 47 :: 01_19 - 01_25

1. birthday hat
2. dental tool
3. doll house tea pot
4. clover flower
5. little knitting needles
6. kale leaf
7. dog paws

favorite - the birthday hat

_- _ - _ - _ - _ - _ - _ -

but really, the time in the studio has also given me time to contemplate. i've been thinking a lot lately about "ownership" of art - the ideas, the motifs... and how the proliferation of the internet has not only changed how we are exposed to images, but how we interact with them [duh. but still has to be said again]. as a maker of images and a consumer of them as well i find myself lately - drawing intently, counting, sitting, and thinking.... wondering about influences, how to deal with the what feels like an upsurge of "copying" [being copied, accidentally copying someone]... what also seems to me as the "branding" of individual artists as commodities - selling not only their work, but their whole lifestyle - "the artist way" of living.  i don't have really any complete thoughts - or any answers [if there are any to be had] - but it's definitely brewing.

and with that... until next time
[i'd be happy to read anyone else's thoughts on the above]


Anonymous said…
I realize you are swamped with things to do. BUT I really enjoy your day to day well as your look up/look down project. It is fun for me to see what catches your eye. And to see if my favorite agrees with yours.

I hope you will, somehow, find a way to continue to do this kind of thing....admittedly purely selfish on my part.

The availability of ideas, artwork, etc via the internet certainly has changed the way people view and interact with ideas and products. As well as how they perceive the notion of 'ownership.' Huge debates, some of them quite intense and even threatening, are going on over intellectual property rights, eh?
Eireann said…
cannot wait to talk about this w/ you when I am in Oakland. I have been thinking so much about copying/open-source (or assumption of availability)/letting stuff go recently. also just can't wait to see you. :) xo
bugheart said…
the instant noun project
is wonderful.
as are all your drawings.
i had planned to start again
in june but...
. . . . .
we have discussed
the issue of
copying, unconsciously or consciously...
i feel the internet has
definitely exacerbated
this issue...
or perhaps
just shown more light on it
because copies
can more quickly be compared with originals.
but there are many times
that some screams copy
and when i see the original,
i know that i have also
seen some form of that work
before as well...
when is something made your own.
i think this is a very very hard
thing to clearly show
(and perhaps legally why
it is so hard to pursue)...
words are easier.
this is taken
from someone else,
but ideas...
it can be
very confusing...
but i have said enough.

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