november = hyperdrive

november has started with a vengeance - hence the lack of posting round here.

the live internet TV thing is DONE. phew. it was actually really fun - the people at creative live are SO nice. they kept saying how well it was going - i kept wondering if they were doing that TV thing where everything is FABULOUS - or if i was actually doing it right. maybe it did all go OK - although i doubt i'll watch my entire segment. 

i think my favorite part was that i used it as an excuse to get a manicure cause i knew my hands were going to be on camera a lot. also i wore the necklace that the little made me. if you want to watch you can now pay for the class here. i do go over 3 very basic stitches you need to make the snowflake - so if you are new to crochet this would be a good way for you to practice a chain stitch, as well as single and double crochet. i go over running stitch, back stitch and chain stitch in the embroidery segment. and if you purchase the course you get the patterns for both segments. 

next up is the installation of SEN. i'll be at fouladi projects ALL next week [with some help - thank god] putting up 1000 doilies. any guesses on how long it will take?

here's the postcard for the show. 

if you can make it on november 15 from 6-8 - come and say hello. i'm excited that some of the people who helped me make the doilies will actually be there ! including cynthia who is visiting from baltimore !

finally i just want to share 2 books that i recently got. i've been meaning to make a quilt for the little [she even reminded me - mama after your show you are going to make my blanket right?]

and i've never really made a functional quilt [the one my mom really made when i was younger doesn't count].

these two books are going to help me immensely.

the first is the gorgeous quilt essential by erin. this book feels like a quilting bible to me. it doesn't have any specific templates - but it really gives you all the info you need to know to put a quilt together. it's so clear and well written and just beautiful. i got mine signed. 

second is this really stunning book - brave new quilts -  by the late kathreen ricketson. i wrote a little bit about her passing here. for some reason today as i write this isn't live. i hope it's just a glitch today. i did a little guest post that's here [when the site is live] about my relationship to "quilting" and how i use some quilting techniques in my work.

this book takes it's cue from contemporary art. i love this idea. i could totally see making some of the quilts in here - altering them to suit my color palette. there's a lot of really good coverage on quilting basics here too.

between these two books i feel like i'm ready to go.

i'm attempting to make a little time lapsed video of my installation as it goes. so i'll post that here if i can pull it off... until after my opening... hope all is well in your worlds.


Janey G said…
fabulous! If i was near to you and not across an ocean i wold come help....hanging 1000 doilies sounds lie my idea of heaven! books look fabulous...when i heard that kathreen had died I walked around in a daze for days.....simply could not believe it! what a terrible tragedy! x
Anonymous said…
Looking forward to seeing you, and some of your friends, on Friday! The little will LOVE a quilt made by her Mama, to be sure.
thank you for your sweet words, lisa. good luck with your installation! i wish i could see it in person. it's going to be amazing! xoxoxo

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