a little exhibition + progress

so... knots and doilies are starting to come in - and it's making me dizzy with excitement !! especially the stories that people are including with the doilies/knots. please keep them coming... if you want more info - visit this post please. 

my friend and fellow artist timothy buckwalter is the gallery director at NIAD. he invited me to hang some work up. he's been pairing contemporary artist works with the work of the disabled adult artists that NIAD serves. [who by the way make AMAZING WORK.] i so want this painting by marlon mullen :

anyway - if you are around - there's an opening this saturday from 12:30-3:30 
i hear there will be ice cream !! yes. ice cream. and it should be fun. 
551 23rd Street
Richmond, CA


Anonymous said…
Sat's exhibition sounda interesting. ice cream on a warm/hot day is VERY appealing!

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