i'm so grateful for all the responses i'm getting re the french knot and doily projects ! please please keep spreading the word. i'm sure i will need MORE. ;)

i wanted to pop in, though and clarify a bit as i've had a few questions.

1. please make each doily you draw ONE color. you can make multiples [up to 10] and make each one a different color, but please only use one color/one media per drawing. 

2. i received a doily the other day, and sadly i can't use it because it's not the right doily. i really only want the doilies pictured here [and drawn/pictured in the post]. this piece will be in dialogue w/ the 1000 doily installation, so i want all the doilies to match. 

3. i've had some people who are going to "collect" doilies from friends or students and mail them all at once. HURRAH. this is brilliant. i just request that you get the names of all the people who are making them so i can give credit to all my helpers [of course if you don't want credit then you don't have to tell me who you are - and if it's kids helping me ages might be fun too]. 

4. when you send your doily drawing - please do NOT bend/fold it. if you need to fold your paper to get it in an envelope, see if you can fold around the drawing? or use a bigger envelope and a piece of cardboard ??? you can make tiny ones 3"x3" so they fit in a regular #10 envelope.

if you have a question - PLEASE don't hesitate to ask. 


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