toto we're going to kansas

if you are on my mailing list you've already heard the news... i'm spending the summer in KANSAS. wichita to be exact. i'm going to be the Ulrich Museum's very first artist in residence - they are calling me the ulrich underground artist in residence

all the doilies and knots that you all have been contributing are going there and i'll be working on two pieces that incorporate them. at least that is my hope. i'm super grateful for this opportunity. time and space to play. the curator sees this residency as a means for the public to see an artist's process [i'll be like a zoo animal. here we have an artist in their native environment!]

but i'm also excited because i'll be staying in a loft which means there is enough space for the little [and my amazing parents] to join me. 

funny thing is that the little has been pretty into the wizard of oz lately and she turned to me one day and said "mama - i want to go to kansas". i grinned from ear to ear when i said well it's your lucky day. we are going to kansas this summer. 

if anyone has any must have things to do in the area - please let me know !
or if you live around there come see what i'm up to at the museum.

the last few weeks i've been busy trying to figure out what supplies i need to take. aren't these color dictionaries by tombow AMAZING. the japanese still RULE when it comes to packaging. 

and i've been working on drawings to complete while there [for my show in November at walter maciel gallery in los angeles]. this is how i sometimes figure out color palettes.

when i finish the actual drawing part of the pieces i go to match the colors i used with embroidery thread for phase 2. this is actually one of the most joyful parts of my process. i wish i could find a paying job that allowed me to do this all day.

oh ! when i get back i'll be teaching some classes around the bay area -
>> a hand applique class at britex fabric [yes the famous britex!] on august 16th. you can register here
>> a parent/kid embroidery class brushstrokes studio in berkeley [my kid will be with me!] on august 10th - they don't have an online registration for the class yet, but i'm sure you can call and ask about it. 
>> and i'm VERY excited about the classes i'm doing at kala particularly the artist packet class - two tuesdays in sept - 2nd and 9th. this is the first time i'll be teaching a small portion of my professional practice class OUTIDE of a university. i get asked about this all the time... so here we go. and also at kala an embroidered portrait/drawing class - dec. 6th [just in time for holiday gift giving]. 

and i'm obsessed with galettes now. made these for father's day. 

finally... i'm gong to restart look up and down for the month of july. 1. because i miss it. 2. because i'm going to be somewhere where the landscape is ENTIRELY different 3. because i want to document my time there and i can look back at my year of look up and down and actually remember the days in ways i can't w/out the visual/language clues. 

ok. back to organizing/packing and general excitement/freak out. 


Anonymous said…
What an exciting summer you will be having!

An 'artist in residence' is quite a compliment. And the other classes sound like fun, too.

Your parents are blessed indeed to have the opportunity to share some of these experiences with you and the little. Will make for heartwarming moments and wonderful memories for all, to be sure.
emily said…
i want those pencils. and the hand pies, please. also, maybe i'm not on your mailing list!?! how do i fix that?

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