me and my sizzix

i don't know where i've been, but i had no idea what a sizzix was. then i went to craftcation. and there they were.... it's a home die cutting machine that can cut through paper, fabric, felt, leather.... um yeah. coolest thing ever?

especially for people who are obsessed with repetition like myself. they even have shapes like hexes [although they also have circles, clamshells, squares, need i go on?]. maybe i'll actually make a hex quilt??? [maybe. when i have 36 hours a day to work with]. 

the really cool thing is that the footprint of the machine isn't very big - i got the big shot.  it's sturdy - easy to crank, and it's not going to fall apart after just a few uses. i also really like that you can cut through multiple layers at once. sizzix products are perfect for quilters/scrapbookers/crafters, but i wanted to see how else i might be able to incorporate it into my studio practice. i immediately thought of all the time it could save me - cutting out the same shape over and over and over. now i have to just crank over and over - easier on the carpel tunnel. 

i found a cloud/airplane die [remember when i used clouds and airplanes in my work?] and immediately had to cut out a bunch of felt clouds. 

it's pretty neat. there's a base [some of the dies come with their own base], you put what you want to cut on top and sandwich it between two sheets of plexi. you roll it thru the machine and VOILA !

all the pretty clouds in all the pretty colors. 

i've been working on collaborative drawings for the chroma exhibition. christine sent me a stack of amazing "rejects" and "incompletes" and i've been stitching and adding felt to them. this piece screamed for the clouds. 

i played with all different arrangements and glued them down. 

then i cut off the excess 

here's a detail - i'll show more of these works once the show is up. [july 12th is when we start install]

i also got a fortune cookie box die. [yes, i am sure i will be using these for some upcoming event for the little]

the dies are so precise that you get perfect tabs to fold and glue... as well as fold lines to follow. it's idiot proof.  TADA [skittles for size]

what i'm SUPER excited about, though, is a custom die is on the way. i was able to use a buddha hand drawing to have a die made for this machine. i can't WAIT to see how that turns out. [i'm thinking gold paper. yes i am]. 


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