senjukannon at Atelier // truckee

i spent the last part of last week and most of the weekend in truckee. i had never been there. man it's pretty. snow is so nice to look at. [luckily i did not have to drive it in]. 

i didn't have too much time to explore. but there were some really great signs.  

if you find yourself there - go to dark horse for some good coffee

i was there because the very kind folks at Atelier [they also run Bespoke - both of which are BEAUTIFUL stores] invited myself and courtney cerruti to put on an exhibition, teach a class, and to host the kick of for their #socialsketch #sketchevent

i've never been known to turn down free reign on a 25 foot wall. i have been wanting to do an installation with buddha hands. i was given a sizzix big shot and a custom die. so i created a die with 4 sizes of the buddha hands. then i found 5 different gold papers and cut out over 1000 hands to work with. the sizzix makes for pretty quick cutting - even 1000 hands didn't really take that long. 

using wheat paste i placed the pairs of hands on the wall.

i was thinking a lot about traditional japanese screens [hence the gold] and the way that clouds/waves were often laid out on the screens. 

i had 2 days to install if i needed to, but decided i'd just go for it and did it all in one day. one very long 17 hour day. [don't think i'll be doing that again soon]. 

one of my favorite parts is the corner... i love activating and utilizing that space. 

i'm really happy with how it turned out. the way the different golds and sizes work together. the way it flows from floor to ceiling. 

the kindergarten aged son of the store owners came in and asked me why i was doing it. good question. he also thought they looked like llamas. which i loved. he also thought that i was doing an insulation instead of an installation. "mama - why is she doing that insulation". best quote ever. 

atelier has a need macrame wall that divides the store from the gallery space. 

it was basically impossible to get a whole shot of the whole piece... so warped panorama it is. 

courtney came and installed sweet watercolor paintings of hands. 

friday night was social sketch. can you spy pup charlie?

 i did a sketch of him for warm up.

saturday we taught a class - image transfers + embroidery. that was really fun !

and people made GREAT stuff. 

this abstract piece was by kelly - who coordinates the workshops and gallery at atelier. 

it was an exhausting trip, but i always feel so so so lucky that my work takes me to interesting places and that i get to meet such wonderful inspiring people too. 



Anonymous said…
GORGEOUS rendition of a Japanese screen! THANKS for the photos.

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