when dogs and softies meet

tonka meets blue

tonka likes blue!

from a green girl

i came home to a package from the lovely wendy . i'm so lucky that she sent me BOTH a penguin and a small bird to hang out w/ livia .


don't they look cute in a basket??

i also made my own softie recently. i sent it off, but i've heard that it's arrived safe, so i feel like i can post about it now. i was really nervous about making it... alison makes such beautiful and detailed things.... to attempt to make a gift for such a talented maker is a bit daunting.... and i tend to be a lazy sewer. i don't like to pin, or press seams, or do any of the things you need to do to make something perfect. maybe if i had a room set up w/ the machine and the ironing board all set and right there... but i digress. for this project i really wanted to be careful. to attempt to channel my softie heros rosa , stephanie , and hilary .

i used the pattern from the cover of the book on the left [i did it a 80% instead of full size]:
new japanese craft books


so here she is.... i have several of YOU out there to thank for the fabric that i used in the patchwork... love that....

i had to go to the bedford gallery this morning to talk about my work to the docents there [since it's a city run gallery they have volunteers come in and work and give tours of the exhibitions]... i hate doing such things - but i loved hearing the other artists talk... [funny how that works, huh?] so much so that my mind is now spinning with thoughts and ideas. i hope to process them and share them shortly....


wendy said…
love those photos!! cute cute tonka.
(and I hardly pin and don't even have an iron, much less use one)
you rabbit is super cute love the fabrics!!
and I feel the same way...I can hardly put my feelings into talking about the work, I let the Boy talk for me.
can't wait to read what is brewing.
julie said…
Lovely, lovely sofies...and it seems you are the biggest softie of them all :) I also wouldnt like to talk about my work in front of lots of people..hated it at uni!!!
But i can imagines how interesting it is to hear other artists..
Have a wonderful weekend Lisa. xxx
Shari said…
yes, me too. i want to hear your thoughts and ideas from listening to the artists at the bedford gallery!

oh the softies. tonka + softies=ultimate cuteness. and your rabbit is wonderful!!

i love everything, and your softie is super great.
gracia said…
Ahh, the good ol' artist talk. I much prefer giving one with slides, it must be the comfort of the props, and perhaps the darkened room. LJ & I once did an artist talk to a few of the grey rinse set and a lone small child... I can still recall fumbling along to this day, explaining the collaboration process. We received a wonderful Joseph Beuys book on the multiples as a thank-you at the end. So, here's to hoping your talk goes wonderfully well, which I'm sure it will!
Happy mulling over those thoughts and rapidly spinning ideas too...
take care, g
kelly said…
The bunny looks absolutely wonderful. I'm a new new sewer and already am lazy- I love to pin, but press seams? Oh no, thats too much work, lol.
I'm nowhere near talking about my work in a gallery with people, but I do love critiques sooo much because I adore hearing all my classmates talk about their work, it makes my mind chugchug with ideas and thoughts.
Listoria said…
wonderful softies!! and yours is beautiful! ever so darling! and i totally understand the lazy sewing thing, as i used to be one but had to force myself out of it, for perfection's sake! though i do still succomb every now and then.

JessRedRose said…
What a wonderful softie! I think I'm in love. Do you think you'll be making more?
Abigail said…
Oh your softie is just the cutest....a lime green smile on gray flanner - he's a winner! ;)

Speaking of the cutest..Tonka is right up there. Love the montage of him nestling with the penguin.

:) xox
blair said…
oh Lisa, your softie is just perfect! I love that the fabric is from different places, that tends to happen in my projects a lot lately, and nothing makes me happier. When are you going to make a softie version of Tonka??
maditi said…
I´d like blue too, wendy´s creatures are all so very cute!!
and of course I love your rabbit, expecially the face/mouth expression :)
lisa s said…
hi wendy... well your softies are so inspirational !! made taking photos easy

hi ky!

julie... you are so kind.... it IS so hard to talk about one's work... sigh...

shari... :) so i have my book now - are we ready to start?? i'll post about that next time

thanks erin

gracia... i don't like it even w/ slides! what a GREAT TY gift you got though....

kelly... yeah - crits are good... you'll miss them when you are done with school!

ha ha tiff - so there's hope for me?

hi jess... will email you.... from you that comment is super special!

hi abigail... xoxo

blair... i know - the fabric from bloggy folks is so great. i love it! tonka softie?? hmmmm mind spinning now....

maditi... thank you friend! wendy's softies are super duper cute, no?
simple me said…
*Big Smile*
when dogs meet softies...softies become bits of fabric and filling scattered around the house in no time (my own experience with Dr. Lucas, the dog)
I love the face on your bunny, sweeeeet!
Giving tours can be a lot of fun so just enjoy.
ambika said…
Your rabbit is somehow so benignly sweet. And I love the little drawing Wendy sent with her softies. The wild hair is just perfect.

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