on luck


i know it's been a little quiet over here. quieter than usual even [or maybe that's not true or you don't notice]. i guess the correct statement is that i feel quiet.

i've been thinking a lot about luck. and what it is exactly. and how you feel when it feels like you are dealing with a streak of bad luck. luck seems like this mysterious thing - some outside force that perhaps intellectually we don't believe in. but when the deck starts to feel stacked it's almost easier to think - oh this is just a bad luck spell. i've also been wondering how it can be that both good and bad luck are running simultaneously - like partners in crime. one aspect of life is just going along swimmingly - things are falling into place - while others feel like they are falling apart. of course volumes of philosophy and literature have been devoted to this whole ying/yang idea, and i'm no scholar, but it has been on my mind.

and so i started thinking about what athletes do to change their luck. they cut their hair, they grow a mustache, the switch something up in their routine [or keep wearing the same socks if they are winning]. in my mini attempt to bargain with the universe i pulled out the above horseshoe necklace. i've been wearing it for the last 3 days. i think my luck is improving. [ha].


my husband and i celebrated our anniversary on saturday. actually we kind of avoided celebrating, but he did give me a very good present. he spent about an hour upstairs after asking me for some tissue paper, some red ribbon, an exacto knife and a glue stick. i had no idea what he was up to. then he handed me this box. covered in great labels from cooking cans [he's such a chef].


these were inside.

perfect gift? indeed. i don't talk about D very much on this blog [by his request]. but golly i love him. he sure knows me. one of the above wind up bots goes in a circle which for some reason i am totally infatuated with.

tomorrow i start teaching again.
wish me luck.


bugheart said…
i should
my horseshoe
hope your luck
is looking up.
good luck
Camilla said…
Those robots are wonderful- but I think the thing that I like most is the fact he hid himself away to make the box for them. I hope your luck continues to improve- you deserve good things.
melissa s. said…
nothing says love like a veggie-wrapped box of robots. i love that you say golly. good luck tomorrow!
mari said…
Happy Anniversary, Lisa! I think you're married to someone who knows and understands you very well. Sweet, isn't it? As for luck, someone once told me that they don't believe that luck happens to you, but that you make your luck happen.
Julie said…
I think my luck comes in cycles. I've recently had a lot of good luck and now I'm waiting for the other shoe to drop, so to speak. (Or write?) I need me a horseshoe necklace.

Happy Anniversary to you two! It's a beautiful thing how well he knows you :)
somehow that robot that goes in circles is like luck.

i wish i could be a student in your class. that's about the only thing that would make me want to go to college again, if i could be in your class. yup. it's true.

you'll do great tomorrow. sneak a robot in your pocket for good measure.
UNIFORM Studio said…
I wish I could go to your class too.
funny I never think about luck.
I do think about love though, and I think you have alot of that. That's really all you need. What a sweet husband. Happy anniversary!
Thinking of you -xo
comfies said…
i wish i was in your class!

i don't think about luck too much. i tend to think that things go in cycles. and when things aren't going too well, i try to power through and remember that bit about silver linings...
julie said…
Maybe i could borrow the horseshoe when your luck changes for the better. I tend to think that we have to be active in changing our 'luck'. Maybe im just too impatient to wait for it to arrive :). (I also like to blame the stars, hormones, my husband lol! only joking about the last one!)
What a fantastic present - so you - both the present and packaging!
anne said…
happy aniversary, lisa! what a beautiful box your husband made for you! all the luck to you both and a good start to teaching xoxo
Esti said…
To me Bad Luck has always something to do with health. This is because there's little I can fight there and in moments like that I feel helpless. If I can fight it... there's a chance of winning... and that's not Bad Luck. Bad Luck is unmovable in my mind and the rest is just life taking its share of good and not so good moments. (Well, I don't know if I can express myself properly in English, you know...)

I love the robots. And If I had one that went in circles then I'd feel like I was stopping time. It's like a spell.

I'm sure your husband is a good man who deserves to be loved by someone as special as you.
I'm sure you are one of the best teachers anyone could have.
amisha said…
martha's comment said it all. you are so very lucky in love :) you + d sound like you are absolutely perfect for each other. happy anniversary!
and good luck with teaching tomorrow. i hope things continue to look up. big hugs your way.
gracia said…
Horseshoes, robotic circles, love and luck, the good running alongside the less-good... peaks and troughs and a-courting good fortune... yep, a few of them things are on my mind too.

best of luck (with it all, with everything), g xo
louise said…
Happy anniversary. What a fitting and gorgeous gift you received. Hope luck keeps on the good side for you in the coming days. xo lj
christine said…
I think we all could use a horse shoe necklace!

Best of luck to you, dear girl. xo
wendy said…
i was thinking that maybe we only notice luck when it is in the extremes, otherwise we just call it life...? oh the lovely little robots - you have a great D!
good luck with classes!!
babelfish said…
Ooh, perhaps I need to wear one of those horseshoes :) (been feeling quiet too) Congrats on your anniversary and what an adorable gift from D, so very you!
Oh Lisa--- that is just the sweetest gift ever. I love the gifts that make sense only to you two [although, please, toys make sense to me everyday!]. :)

And by the way--- your horseshoe necklace is gorgeous, whether or not it changes luck. ;)
Kathleen said…
What a nice hubby. Those robots are great. I think wearing the horseshoe necklace and believing your luck is improving is definitely a wise course. The universe responds to our positive energy...the more you put out there the better. Hope teaching goes well:)
molly said…
i'm a big fan of wearing certain jewelry to bring on the positive.
best of luck in teaching.
Anonymous said…
While my comments are a bit late, my sentiments are nonetheless still strong. What GOOD FORTUNE for you to have a hubbie who knows what will bring a smile to your face on your anniversary...and probably lots of other times as well. I hope your day together was a memorable one and that your teaching is off to a good start.
shanna murray said…
things will turn around dear friend, you'll see. once again you'll feel like the world is giving you a great big hug, and you can say ahhh this is better. until then...a hug from me.

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